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At the crossroad of opinions

Public activities of the university humanitary disciplines instructors: experience and significance

UDC 316 BBK 60.5

Schmidt S. F.

The article presents the results of the research of different kinds of non-academic professional, expert, media and civic activities of Humanitary disciplines instructors. The author studies the motivation of these activities, their factors and significance. The author presents the classification of Humanitary disciplines instructors that are active outside the university. The research was based on detailed interviewing.

Key words: civic activity, Humanitary disciplines instructors, media activity, social practices, sociology of education, expert activities.

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Law education as a source of democratization in society

UDC 37.06 BBK 74.4

Malykh T. A.

This article is devoted to the actual problem of law education at school. The author focuses on the institution of the Children’s Rights in educational organizations. The author also proves the idea that the formation of citizen’s legal qualities starts in educational settings. The need for legal training for all educators and pupils is clarified.

Key words: legal training; education; Children’s Rights Commissioner; formation of civil society; humanistic education

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General Linguistics

Mongolian Studies

Methodical bases of the formation of primary school pupils’ communicative competence in the Buryat language

UDC 371 BBK 74.2(2Рос.Бур)

Sodnomov S. Ts.

В данной статье рассматриваются особенности формирования коммуникативных умений учащихся начальных классов, при этом особое внимание уделяется анализу методологических подходов бурятских лингводидактов по проблеме развития речи младших школьников на бурятском языке.

Ключевые слова: младший школьник, речь, устная речь, развитие речи, методологические основы, умение, коммуникативные умения, методические исследования, формирование.

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Ниитэлэл бага наһанай һурагшадай харилсаанай шадабари бүрилдүүлгын онсодо зорюулагданхай, тиихэдээ онсо анхаралаа буряад лингводидактнуудай эхин һургуулиин һурагшадай хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгын ажалнуудай шүүмжэлгэдэ зорюулагданхай.

Тулгалха үгэнүүд: бага наһанай һурагшад, хэлэлгэ, аман хэлэлгэ, хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгэ, методологическа үндэһэнүүд, шадабари, харилсаанай шадабари, методическа шэнжэлэлгэнүүд, бүрилдүүлгэ.


Ferdinand Wrede and Victor Maximovich Zhirmunsky: correspondence on the German dialectology and lingvoetnography

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 81.20

Puzeikina L. N.

This article is based on a paper, read at the 43rd International Philological Conference at the St. Petersburg State University, timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous German linguist, Ferdinand Wrede. The main area of Wrede’s interest was the German dialectology and dialectography. Being the successor of George Wenker, Wrede had a significant influence on the development of the German dialectological atlas. Wrede’s dialektographical studies had a significant impact on the well-known Russian philologist Viktor Zhirmunsky, who conducted collecting and research activities in German colonies in the USSR in 1920s. Presented in the paper, fragments of two scientists’correspondence refer to this period and reveal the origins of some V. M. Zhirmunsky’s ideas concerning research in the German settlements in the USSR.

Key words: V.M. Zhirmunski; epistolary heritage; correspondence; dialectology; German dialects; German colonies in Russia; Ferdinand Wrede; Der Deutsche Sprachatlas; DSA

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Psychological and pedagogical follow-up of learning activity in modern education

Professionalisation of an instructor teaching psychology of social interaction at technical university

UDC 159.923.5 BBK 88

Falunina E. V., Shmonina N. V.

At present, the increasing interest in instructor’s personality is observed in the sphere of higher professional education. The requirements for his professional competence are rising. He should be able not only provide basic information but also activate students’ scientific knowledge. The given article considers the issues related to a process of professionalisation of an instructor teaching Psychology Sciences within the academic discipline «Psychology of social interaction» at technical university.

Key words: personality professionalisation, psychology of social interaction

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A model of development of future teachers’ cross-cultural communication in a system of higher professional education

UDC 159.923.5 BBK 88

Falunina E. V., Miroshnichenko E. V.

The authors of this article consider cross-cultural communication as «an important characteristic of teacher’s personality in the modern multicultural educational environment». A model of development of future teachers’ cross-cultural communication in the context of modernization of higher professional education is developed by the authors as a result of experimental studies. The description of this model is given in this article.

Key words: cross-cultural communication, elements of cross-cultural communication, a psychological and educational model of cross-cultural communication.

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Theoretical bases of psychological mechanisms of development of tolerance personality in psychology

UDC 159.923.5 BBK 88

Falunina E. V. , Falunin V. F.

This article considers a problem of defining psychological mechanisms of development of tolerance personality in psychology. The concept «psychological mechanisms» as a content category used for describing a process of intrapersonal changes and individual mental transformations is determined on the basis of scientific works analysis. The definition of tolerance as a personal quality is given. The mechanisms of its development are proved.

Key words: psychological mechanisms, tolerance as a psychological phenomenon; psychological mechanisms of tolerance development

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The structure of the multimodal perception of preschool children with general speech underdevelopment

UDC 159.95 + 372.3/4 BBK 74.3я73+88.я73

Murashova I. Yu.

The article considers a problem of structural features of the polimodal perception of seven year children with general speech underdevelopment in comparison with normally developed children. The content and the results of basic training are analyzed.

Key words: children with general speech underdevelopment, polimodal perception, sensory modalities, modalities dominance-subdominance, harmonious-disharmonious profiles, subdominant modalities inactivity

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Farm-oriented education as a sustainable country development in the Irkutsk region

Farm-oriented school as a condition for the individual efficiency formation

UDC 373.1.013 BBK 74.200.52

Nemirich T. N.

The article considers the perspectives of the country school development and discusses the importance of the labour education. The author explains the specific life of the country people which value is agriculture labour. The Kulish school developed a system of labour education according to A. S. Makarenko’s traditions. Such a system made it possible to involve all pupils into a process of the co-operative activity, particularly, into farming.

Key words: labour education, social competence, country school, teenager, industrial activity, the Makarenko’s heritage, farm, employment assistance, ecology, moral culture.

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Hygienics, education, health

Aspects of the informational and psychological textbook safety at school: readability and simplicity

UDC 613.95/96+614 BBK 57.3

Tkachuk E. A.

The results of the research of readability and school textbook simplicity by means of widely used psycholinguistic tests, namely the Flesch readability test and the Fogh’s index, are shown. The research was conducted through the use of textbooks at both primary and secondary schools. The data related to the compliance of school textbooks and the psycholinguistic criterion of readability and simplicity, according to the educational levels (type of school or age), are given. It’s obvious, according to the given data, that school textbooks content is often difficult to understand for pupils and isn’t appropriate different age groups.

Key words: informational and psychological safety, textbooks, children

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Personality and media: humanitarian studies in media education

The main trends in the development of Russian media considering the use of the experience of the British media education: historical and methodological aspects

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57с

Chelysheva I. V.

This article analyzes the historical and methodological aspects of the Russian and British media education development. The author discusses the main goals and objectives of media education at different stages of development, presents a comparative analysis of the theoretical concepts of media education in Russia and the UK.

Key words: Media education, stages of media education development, the theoretical concepts of media education in Russia and the UK.

* The article was written with the financial support of the grant RHF "Strategy contemporary British media education and its impact on the Russian media education" project № 13-36-01001. Project Manager ­ I.V.Chelysheva.

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Media education practice: forms, methods and approaches of teaching at school and university

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57с

Chelysheva I. V.

This article describes the methodology of media education lessons at school and university. This methodology is based on using a literary analysis, literary imitation, theatrical and in-role performances as well as artistic and imitative creative exercises. The author of the article considers the complex of playing and creative exercises, which structure includes elements both of the media education theory and the media works analysis.

Key words: media education lessons, media education, critical way of thinking, media text, audiovisual media culture, media creativity

* The article was written with the financial support of the grant RHF "Strategy contemporary British media education and its impact on the Russian media education" project № 13-36-01001. Project Manager — I. V. Chelysheva.

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Analysis of the scientific and publication activities of Eastern Siberia educators in the field of media education (the beginning of the XXI century)

UDC 37.075.8 BBK 74

Murashkina N. A., Grigoreva I. V.

The article presents the results of the analysis of educators’ scientific and publication activities in Eastern Siberia in the field of media education (at the beginning of the XXI century). The educator’s and researcher’s media education experience is described.

Key words: media education; media teacher; media education – the regional aspect; teaching experience of media education

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Mediacompetence as a necessary condition of successful communication in virtual speech environment

UDC 378.225 BBK 74.5

Ivanova L. A., Verbitskaya O. M.

The article deals with one of the most burning issues of modern higher education – media competence’s forming and development in the sphere of foreign language teaching.

Key-words: media education, media literacy, mediatized socializing, foreign language communication, intercultural interaction.

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Irkutsk region teachers present

Baikal Peredelkino

UDC 004:[316:008] BBK 74.58:73

Prischepova I. A.

The article presents the experience of civic education and patriotism formation. The ungraded school students studied the history of their village. The village of Baikal can be called a «creative harbor». First writers and artists settled there more than 40 years ago. Both artists and their works made on Lake Baikal are discussed here.

Key words: civic education; moral values; creativity and culture; project activity; Baikal; artists; writers; village; nature; paintings; works.

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Actual problems of education

A moral example of a teacher as a bearer of peace and tolerance ideas

UDC 371.4 BBK 74

Beloborodova A. E.

The article considers the essence of a new principle of pupils’ moral development and upbringing – «a moral example of a teacher». The substantiation of a new axiological upbringing approach «pupils’ peacemaking upbringing» is given. Teacher’s preparedness for this approach realization is discussed.

Key words: tolerance, peaceableness, peacemaking, peace education, moral education, moral example of a teacher

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Humanitarian teaching problems

The techniques of the epic literature analysis while preparation senior school students for a literature contest (based on the I. Shmelev’s story «Russkaya pesnya»)

UDC 372.882 BBK 74.26

Nikulina I. G.

This article is devoted to the actual problem of teaching the literary analysis at senior school. The author of the article tells not only about specific features of a literary text, but also gives the practical advice on its analysis on the example of the I. Shmelev’s story «Russkaya pesnya».

Key words: analysis, epic work, Literature contest, literary text, external conflict, internal conflict, senior school pupils

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The Russian language study in a modern school in the historical aspect

UDC 808.2-02(075.8) BBK 8141.12-0-923

Aksenova S. S.

The main idea of the article is the modern Russian language study at school only in a synchronic aspect as a static system of elements is not sufficient. The current state of the Russian language system reflects its temporal variation (dyachrony). It is expressed in the clarity, asymmetry, graduality and variability of the modern Russian language system. That’s why teaching the modern Russian language at school should be carried out in both the synchronic and dyachronic aspects.

Key words: history of the Russian language, modern state of the Russian language system, clarity, asymmetry, system graduality, system elements variability

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History of Pedagogy and Education

Stages of development of law education in Russia

UDC 378.634(470+571)"17/20" BBK 74.03

Ostapovich I. Iu., Musinov P. A.

This article considers main stages of development of law education at high school in Russia starting from the 18th century to the present days. This period is characterized by the intensive intergration of Russian education into the global cultural and educational space.

Key words: law education, Academy of Sciences, law schools, the Bologna process, examples of law education at high school

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Issues of philosophy

Time philosophy in its diachronism

UDC 10/14 BBK 87

Sinitsyna L. N.

The issue of time in the context of traditional science is discussed in this work. The aim of the study is to analyse the historical perception in relation to the distinguishing features of the belief system of various epochs, which gives an opportunity to understand the social processes of the past and present eras.

Key words: time, culture, historical perception, endophysics, synergetics, germeneutics.

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Pages of History

Competition that did not live up to expectations

UDC 94(47+57)"19" BBK 63.3(2)6

Sverlik G. I.

This article examines the Soviet government attempts to turn the competitive nature of workers and peasants into a tool to increase their working capacities. The decreasing competitive effectiveness of the socialist system and its subsequent replacement with the capitalist free-market system is noted as an inevitable process.

Key words: competition, military communism, working discipline, stimulation, enthusiasm

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Issues of andragogy

Scientific competence as the main condition of professional growth of a teacher

UDC 001 BBK 74.00

Nabieva E. V.

This article is devoted to a consideration of scientific activity of a teacher as a basis of organization of pedagogical activity to basing of scientific competence as a condition, realization of which lets a teacher rich a high professional level.

Key words: professional competence, investigative competence, purview, professional development, scientific activity

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Psychological and andragogical peculiarities of improving professional skills

UDC 371 BBK 74.4+88.4

Valushina N. M. (Irkutsk, Russia)

In the article the author reviews the theories of the basic andragogical terms and psychological theories influenced andragogy. Some recommendations for organizing teaching adults, including teaching in distance, are given.

Key words: andragogy, adult learner, psychological and andragogical peculiarities of improving professional skills, self-actualization

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Information technology and training resources

Online learning communities — it is a reality

UDC 378.147.88 BBK 74.05

Evdokimova M. G.

The article deals with the issues of continuous life long education of each graduate by involving him in the online learning communities. One of the conditions for self-education of every student is the choice of appropriate and accessible information and communication technology in e-training.

Key words: life long education; online learning communities; information and communication technology; e-training.

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State and law

To a question of powers of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the rule-making sphere

UDC 342.565.2 BBK 67.300

Ostapovich I. Iu.

In article experience of the constitutional control in foreign countries and possibility of use of their powers in practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is analyzed. Powers of Committee of the constitutional supervision are investigated. It is offered that some of them gain today special relevance regarding investment of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation with them. Practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is analyzed where it is specified that granting to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of powers on implementation of preliminary constitutional control of drafts of the laws establishing or strengthening criminal, administrative or other types of responsibility looks positive. Besides, elements of preliminary constitutional control could play a positive role regarding elimination of «excess rule-making».

Key words: Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, power, preliminary constitutional control, «excess rule-making».

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Functional pecularities of using modern German mood-related gestures

UDC 811.11-112 BBK 81.0

Sazonova A. A.

This article is devoted to a study of using functional peculiarities of modern German mood-related gestures. The results of the gestures analysis including the details of their usage situations have been shown.

Key words: function, mood-related gestures, classification, nonverbal communication

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Theoretical issues of foreign languages teaching

Types of work with the French language colouratives at different studying stages (from work experience)

UDC 378.016 BBK 74.5

Fofin A. I.

This article deals with the use of colouratives (words describing colour) in teaching French on different language levels (basic, intermediate, advanced). These exercises make vocabulary learning more effective and improve skills in a system of general education.

Key words: colouratives, types of work with colouratives, techniques of teaching French, using colouratives on different educational levels, practising colouratives

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