#1, 2016

A word to the readers

Ivanova Ludmila Anatolievna,

Chief of Center of further vocational education of Irkutsk Branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation of Educators Training, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor.

Дорогие друзья и коллеги, давние и новые читатели нашего журнала!

Рада снова приветствовать Вас и представить новый номер журнала.

Сегодня наш журнал – быстро и динамично развивающееся научное электронное издание, на страницах которого как ведущие, так и начинающие ученые могут разместить свои статьи, результаты своих научных изысканий, другие не менее важные материалы.

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UDC 81.00 BBK

Danilenko V. P.

This article is dedicated to the analysis of A.P.Chekhov’s spiritual-cultural views. They can be characterized by the grief in relation to atheism (religion), the truth (science), the beautiful (art), kindness (ethics), justice (policy) and unity (language).

Key words: A. P. Chekhov, spiritual culture, religion, science, art, morality, policy, language.

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Discourse and Text: vectors of research

UDC 811.13 BBK 81.471.1-51

Ivanova N. S.

The paper considers one of the genres publishing discourse – le prière d’insérer and represents a linguistic research, where the role of the annotations in the French publishing discourse and the main trends in writing abstracts to the books of different stylistic genres were discovered.

Key words: publishing discourse; prière d’insérer; French classics; modern writer; scientific publication.

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UDC 811.161.1 BBK 81.006

Kozlova E. A., Medvedeva Ju. V.

This article deals with some unexpected solutions to convert the advertising intent to the slogan by breaking ethical and esthetic components of the statement. It shows low efficiency of such language fragments for a certain part of potential buyers of a product or service. It describes the scientific experiment to prove the scientific hypothesis: it analyzes the opinions of youth students’ audience on the selected advertising material. It suggests the criteria of linguistic creativity to make fresh advertising, to save and even strengthen esthetics (artistry) of the expression.

Keywords: linguistic creativity, esthetics, advertising discourse; slogan; precedential language facts.

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UDC 811.112.2 BBK 81.432.4

Merkurjewa V. B.

The article discusses eleven Chancellor’s New-Year greetings from the linguistic perspective from 2006 to 2016. Special attention is paid to the orator’s idiostyle peculiarities: crosscutting themes, reiterations: Arbeitslosigkeit, Ausländer, Europa, etc.; repetition of words with prefixes mit-, zusammen-, etc. The grammatical peculiarities of the Chancellor’s speech include superlative adjectives, personal pronouns, etc. Euphemisms stand out from the stylistic peculiarities; tautology, metaphors, antithesis, allusion and etc are also used. The politician’s New-Year messages are of affirmative character, notable for pompous language and are politically correct.

Keywords: New-Year message, A. Merkel, crosscutting theme, repetition, euphemism, personal pronoun, superlative adjective, metaphor, pompous language, affirmation.

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Issues of English conceptology

UDC 81’272 BBK 81.0

Diterle E. V.

The article is devoted to the problem of linguistic conceptualization of danger: our task is to identify how the psychological and cognitive phenomenon – the experience of danger – is verbalized in the discourse of mountaineers. Based on the analysis of modern linguistic literature, the author draws a conclusion about the relevance of studying the problems of discourse in a situation of risk and danger. We consider the lexical, grammatical markers of the discourse of danger, raise the question of the role of paraverbal means of objectification of the phenomenon and outline the prospects for further research.

Key words: conceptualization, verbalization, blog, post, danger, risk, modus, discourse of mountaineers

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Text analysis

UDC 81.00 BBK 81.432.1

Verbitskaya O. M.

In this article the author considers the category of cohesion in its conjunction and interaction with other textual categories. Also the category of cohesion on reasonable grounds is related to text’s general intentionality. In the function of initial postulate for practical analysis serves the statement about influence of interacting senses generated in text-forming process on their arrangement at the superficial level in the form of relevant text connections. On the other hand, the impact of specially chosen means of connection on the structure of expressed content is also taken into account. This piece of work possesses the practical value and topicality.

Keywords: cohesion; textual category, the author’s concept; text-forming potential; prospection; retrospection.

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UDC 81.23 BBK 81.006

Kozlova E. A., Kosterina D. S.

The article aims to reveal different ways of manipulation in advertising clips of non-state pension funds. The comparative analysis of advert texts is performed. A number of manipulation techniques used in the genre is revealed. The special emphasis is laid on interrupting logical connections. The authors call this technique as “logical disorientation” and find it extremely aggressive and highly hazardous for addressees’ psychology.

Key words: technologies of mass media; manipulation techniques; manipulation.

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UDC 811.161.1 BBK 81.006

Kozlova E. A., Malygina M. V.

The article deals with the criteria for the effectiveness of advertising by the examples of the texts in the newspaper «Презентация» in Kirov. It gives an experiment to interview opinions, the results of it show low efficiency of the genre “life story” and the necessity to follow logical order in advertising.

Keywords: speech influence; types and genres of advertising; criteria for the effectiveness of advertising

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UDC 811.161.1 BBK 81.006

Kozlova E. A., Soboleva O. A.

The article deals with the identification of types and means of speech influence in the genre of advertising interview. It gives the analysis of advertising interviews with the heads of agro-industrial complex enterprises, according to it there are mainly persuasive strategies, including pragmatic and esthetic ones.

The keywords: speech influence; persuasion; textual advertising in mass media; advertising interview; pragmatic and esthetic means; self-presentation.

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Theoretical and practical issues of foreign languages teaching

UDC 378.048.2 BBK 74.4

Vepreva T. B., Pechinkina O. V.

The authors consider the contents of foreign language candidate exam in postgraduate program and suggest a new structure and training for it in Northern (Arctic) federal university named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Key words: foreign language; postgraduate studies; candidate exam in foreign language; language competence.

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At the Crossroad of Opinions

UDC 37.014.5:37.018.2:332.145(571.62)(045) BBK 74.200 : 65.497-4 : 65.012.2

Polichka N. P.

The reforms being held in our country demand that citizens should get new knowledge and skills: to manage their own property (a house or apartment in a block of flats); to invest their pension savings to provide a decent old age; to get state-owned and municipal services in the electronic form; to know the grounds of information security, financial literacy and self-employment; to build up your health, etc. This requires a new system of continuous education of the population and its adaptation to the new conditions of life.

Key words: socio-economic development, educational reform, Federal academic standards of general education, the regional component, the component of the educational institution.

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UDC 342.9 BBK 67

Giniyatullina E. Z., Stremilova A. V.

The authors touch upon the problems dealing with the information technologies (IT) and the lack of proper legal regulation in this area. Nowadays, in the IT age, the matter of information security of our state becomes very actual. On the one hand, taking into consideration the modern level of information society and widespread IT implementation, people obtain the access to information much easier. On the other hand, the problem of preventing the negative action on the youth and children of the content which modern Internet resources are saturated with requires elaborating the IT legal regulation.

Key words: information technologies, legal regulation, law, state, information security, content, Internet.

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Pages of History

UDC 321.022(57) BBK 66.74(2Рос.253.5)

Shevchenko L. A.

On the basis of archival material, journalistic and scientificsources, the author analyzes the formation of women’s councils in the region. The article studies the conditions and characteristics of the formation of these organizations, traces the directions of their activity and participation in the social and political life of the territory.

Keywords: women’s councils, political activity, representation of women, state activity.

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UDC 94(470) BBK 63.3

Astrahancev O. N.

The article deals with the problems of recruiting in the Air Force educational establishments of the USSR in the period under review. The author considers candidates’ selection procedures and corresponding eligibility requirements. Selection board activity is shown. Besides, the main types of military aviation schools in the twenties are described.

Keywords: Air Force; military educational establishments; aviation; aviation school; cadets; Red Army.

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Problems and practice of technical education

UDC 004.588 BBK 74.5

Chokoj V. Z.

The current situation in Russian airlines dictates the wide use of foreign aircraft, particularly, Airbus 320. This requires, among other things, adequate training of maintenance personnel with the use of modern teaching techniques and training devices. The article announces the Speller-TSM electronic module, a procedure trainer for troubleshooting of Airbus A320 equipment. The structure, functionality and some other issues of practical use of the module are revealed.

Key words: Airbus А320, training of aircraft staff, Speller-TSM electronic module, simulator, practical skills.

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Actual issues of vocational pedagogy

UDC 37.075.8 BBK 74.5

Surzhik T. V.

This article deals with connection of innovative -prognostic quality of a person by means of specific informative-educational system of college. The process of informatization of the educational system is demonstrated from the pedagogical point of view and the main characteristics are given in the article. The different diagnostics of innovative-prognostic person’s qualities of a future teacher are explained. It is spoken about efficiency of pedagogical forecasting.

Key words: student, college, diagnostic, innovative-prognostic quality, informative-educational system, pedagogical forecasting.

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Personality and media: humanitarian studies in media education

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57

Chelysheva I. V.

The article deals with the problems and prospects of introduction of media education in the curricular of future masters. The author defines the main organizational forms of media educational component in the modern higher school, the directions of further preparation in the higher school.

Key words: media, media culture, media education, magistracy, curriculum.

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UDC 37 BBK 74.03

Yamusheva (Grigoreva) I. V., Murashkina N. A., Никитина Е. А.

The article presents a historical analysis of the stages of formation and development of the foundations of media education in Eastern Siberia in the second half of XX century and described media education experience of teachers and researchers.

Key words: media education; media education – the regional aspect; history of media education.

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UDC 81-139 BBK 81.411.2-5

Seliverstova L. N., Levitskaya A. A.

The article presents some research results of prominent Russian media critics’ speech behaviour (K. Razlogov, A. Korochensky, R. Bakanov) based on the method of a modified content analysis of their scientific texts and journalistic articles within the framework of implicit pragmatic linguistics. On the basis of quantitative data the fragments of speech portraits critics’ are compiled. Features of their verbal behavior stemming from individual experiences and speech -related standards of journalistic and scientific genres, as well as based on their personal characteristics, are specified.

Key words: media criticism, media education, speech behaviour, pragmalinguistics, speech strategy, speech portrait.

* This article is written within the framework of a study supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Project № 14-18-00014 “Synthesis of media education and media criticism in the preparation of future teachers”, performed at Taganrog Management and Economics Institute.

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Comparative Pedagogics

UDC 36:[364.041] BBK 74.489:86

Pashchenko Ju. A.

The article studies the problem of application of the Mary Richmond’s concept to the system of professional social-pedagogical education in the USA and describes the main ways to solve social problems in America at the initial stage of social work as a profession.

Key words: Mary Richmond, social-pedagogical professional education, “Settlement”, welfare.

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UDC 370.12.53 BBK 74.261.7

Kurmankulov Sh. Zh.

The paper considers the reasons of unsuccessful self-study of the pupils at rural secondary schools in Kyrgyzstan. The need and necessity to organize independent learning of pupils at secondary schools is shown. Leverage to systematize the independent cognition of pupils and the motive force of independent learning and cognition are defined.

Key words: education technology; teaching methods; cognitive activity; competence; creative thinking; analysis; synthesis; memorizing; motive force; systematics.

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UDC 378.1:37.0 BBK 74

Kurmankulov Sh. Zh., Sataeva L. A.

The article deals with the question “What qualities must a specialist possess to meet modern requirements in Kyrgyzstan?” The authors state that the training of competent cadres requires “necessary” and “sufficient” conditions for the educational system. Components of the conditions and their complementarity are shown.

Key words: educational system; learning technology; quality of knowledge; creativity; competence; competency; medium of instruction.

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Hygienics, education, health

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Rozanov S. E., Bessonova L. O., Belyh O. A.

One of the topical issues of domestic medicine is a transition to a new stage of development – gerontological rehabilitation of the population, which has an impact on all spheres of life of older people, and is an objective reality nowadays. Over the past decade, due to the general increase in living standards, the researchers noted the following trends: increased life expectancy, poor health, hyperactivity, decreased interest in life.

The study of the group of patients of the clinical war veterans hospital in Irkutsk who had a wide range of general-somatic diseases, received basic medication therapy and attended the lessons of improving the system of self-regulation Qigong “The Return of Spring”, has revealed a statistically significant (p<0.001) change in their health condition. Observations of BP, heart rate, and surveys have showed improvement in the efficiency of blood circulation, activization of the system of hypotensive action, metabolism improvement, as well as improvement of their mood. The article shows that a person aged 80 years or older successfully masters the original method of the Chinese gymnastics Qigong. Daily performance of a complex health program “The return of spring” while the patients were in the Gerontology Center helped improve the quality of life of older people.

Keywords: elderly people, gymnastics, qigong.

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Attention: experience

UDC 378.147 BBK 74

Kudakova T. N., Zarubina K. V.

The paper discusses the relevance of the modular educational programs in the context of FSES. The authors provide evidence of the advantages such programs. The article also presents a modular educational program on Physics for the students of secondary vocational education as an example.

Keywords: competence, module, module specification, FSES, results, assessment, evaluative materials.

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UDC 37.018.2 BBK 74.570

Mineeva L. M., Rinchino V. A., Bykova S. N., Zadorozhny V. K.

In the article the authors share experience in work on education of college graduate – specialist. The activities in this field are multidimensional. They are both considered educational policy and effective educative affairs. In “Irkutsk aviation technical school” (IATS) the concepts ‘training’ and ‘education’ have never been separated. At all times, the teachers have been doing the best to graduate not only perfect specialists but first the people able to reason, take a decision, feel and do good.

Key words: education, training, professional education, educational policy, students, professional activities, diagnostics.

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UDC 378.1:51 BBK 74.58

Fedotova M. V.

The paper presents an insight into the educational work with the students of Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction in the context of FSES. The author tries to describe the effect of socio-cultural environment of the college to the development of general and professional competencies of the future foreman of vocational training. The aim of the research is to find out the social characteristics of the family. The results of social research are presented by the author.

Key words: education, educational work, socio-cultural environment, competencies, college, SPE, socialization, development.

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UDC 37.028:01 BBK 75.116.042

Naumova N. L.

The article considers and summarizes different points of view of Russian scientists on the role and functions of the discipline “Physical Education”. One way of the solution of the problem of students’ reluctance to attend “Physical Education” lessons is, according to the author, a sports-oriented approach to physical education of students in professional educational organizations.

Keywords: sports-oriented approach, physical education, students, health, improvement of the nation’s health, physical culture, academic discipline.

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Памяти доктора филологических наук, профессора Л. М. Ковалевой

В январе 2016 года мы понесли невосполнимую утрату. Ушла из жизни большой учёный – доктор филологических наук, профессор Лия Матвеевна Ковалева.

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