Regulations of the journal reviewing procedure

Approved at the meeting of the journal Advisory Board

  1. All articles submitted to the Editorial Board of the international information and analytical journal «Crede Experto» run the reviewing procedure.
  2. The order of the reviewing procedure is following: the reviewer is chosen by the responsible secretary of the journal among the members of the Advisory board (in agreement with the Chief Editor) or some of the leading specialists working in the given science field. The specialist working in the same department where the publication is done may not review an article.
  3. The editorial board of the Journal sends the manuscripts for peer review to a recognized expert in the field (a Doctor of Sciences or a Candidate of Sciences) who has published some papers on the same topics as the article under review in the last three years.
  4. Reviewers are informed that submitted articles are the author’s ownership and are confidential. Reviewers are forbidden to copy submitted articles for their own personal use.
  5. The reviewing period is fixed in agreement with a reviewer, but mustn’t exceed three weeks.
  6. The review must contain the relevance and novelty of the submitted material, fix the correspondence of the article to the edition profile and determine quality characteristics of the article (style of writing, competence, language culture etc.)
  7. The reviewing is confidential (a blind peer review). The author of the article is given a copy of the review. The review proofs are sent directly to the author via e-mail, fax or regular mail.
  8. The reviewer decides about the possibility of publishing the article: «publish, no significant alterations», «publish, but make changes to the article» or «reject, no right for a rewrite». In case of the manuscript is rejected, the Editorial board sends to the author a motivated refusal letter that is certified by the Chief Editor.
  9. If the author doesn’t agree the reviewer’s opinion, the author of the article may give a motivated letter in the Editorial Board. The article can be sent either for the secondary reviewing or agreement in the Editorial Board.
  10. If the review includes any recommendations on correction of the article, the responsible manager sends to the author the review letter to accept the sent recommendations while preparing a new manuscript (partly or fully) or reasonably refute arguments. A corrected article is sent for the reviewing procedure for the second time and discussed in general order. In this case the date of the article submitting is the same as the date of its return.
  11. The presence of positive review letter is not a sufficient reason for publishing the article. The final decision on including the publication in the issue is taken by the Advisory Board of the journal. Afterwards the responsible secretary tells the author about the decision and the date of publication.
  12. The content of each issue is approved at the meeting of the Advisory Board, which members take a decision on including publications in the issue in co-operation with reviewers.
  13. The original reviews are kept in the Editorial Board of the journal «Crede Experto» for 5 years.
  14. The editorial board of the Journal sends the copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation after receiving a corresponding request.