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An addition to the question of calculations of complicated and majority systems failure-free

UDC 629.7/621.01 BBK 30в6

Furmanova E. A., Bojko O. G., Shajmardanov L. G.

The article proposes a methodological approach based upon the notion that at the stationary approach the probability of element failure in a workable part of the system may be defined by the total density of elements failure probability flows in the system's part.

The purpose of the article is to compare the possibilities of traditional and proposed methods of calculating the majority and bridged systems failure-free.

The results obtained with proposed approach strictly match the systems failure conditions. The approach appropriateness is confirmed by the results of experimental research. The methods proposed in the article may be used in calculating the failure-free of the aircraft and spacecraft functional systems.

Key words: majority system, complicated system, failure probability, elements failure flow density, failure discreteness.

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Environmental safety of air transportation

Method of reducing environmental hazards in aviation accidents

UDC 656.7.081 BBK 39.5

Nikolajkin N. I., Starkov E. Yu., Klimov P. I.

The article considers the negative impact of a civil aircraft accident on the environment as one of the most important matters of aircraft exploitation. The authors propose to review and assess the impact on the base of the physical and chemical systems (FCS) and geotechnical systems (GTS) theories. In conclusion a methodology for reducing negative environmental impact of petroleum products spilled in an aviation accident is recommended.

Keywords: Civil Aviation; aircraft accident; environmental protection; physical and chemical systems; geotechnical systems, detoxification, carbon adsorption.

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Personality and media: humanitarian studies in media education

The image of the White movement in the russian cinema of the 1940s-1950s

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57с

Prof/Dr. Alexander Fedorov

Comparative analysis of plot schemes, characters, and ideology of the Soviet sound films of 1931-1939, in varying degrees, affect the subject of the White movement, leads to the conclusion that the essential similarity of their media stereotypes. A content analysis of media texts on a topic related to the White movement allows generally submit their basic narrative scheme as follows: cruel and treacherous, cowardly and cunning Whites and their allies are trying to overthrow the Bolshevik power by all means available to them (military and / or guerrilla activities, intervention, rebellion, terrorism, espionage, bribery, etc.), but suffer inevitable defeat ... However, due to the ensuing "thaw", the images Whites served in a more humanized way in a number of films of the 1950s.

Keywords: White movement, Whites, screen, film, film studies, media studies, USSR, cinema, media texts, media competence, media education.

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Tendencies and prospects of development of Russian media education: the use of the best traditions of British media

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57с

Chelysheva I. V., Mihaleva G. V.

The article is devoted to the main trends of modern development and further prospects of Russian media with the use of the experience of the British media education. The authors consider the most productive approaches of British media educators, directions, conditions and objectives relevant to national media education.

Keywords: media, media education, media competence, the Russian media education, comparative analysis, media education in the UK.

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The information war on the pages of Russian and Ukrainian press: a comparative analysis

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V.

In this article it is considered a comparative analysis of the information war in the pages of the Russian and Ukrainian press. Information war in the press affects virtually all areas of human life, its interests and needs, from the standpoint of information war are often interpreted and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The task of media criticism here - creating a balanced, confirmation of the information field, devoid of political bias.

Keywords: media critiсism, information, synthesis, information technology, press, TV, Internet.

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The contribution by Emir Kusturica in the Serbian media criticism

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Dr. Elena Muryukina

The article considers some issues of the development of media criticism in Serbia. It is closely connected with the activities of famous Yugoslav and Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who is using the art of time in his films expresses own opinion about events in their country. Him media critic activity is reflected in cinema, music, television and printed texts. These materials are used in Serbian media education of pupils and students.

Keywords: media criticism; media education; Serbia; functions; Emir Kusturica; pupils; students.

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Media education as pedagogical phenomenon

UDC 37.011 BBK 74.58:73

Zapevalina O. V.

The article presents the content of the notion «media education», the wide analysis and interpretation of the statements famous media teachers of the present and the past, their reasoning on the media education sense, making possible to show evolution of this phenomenon. In conclusion, the author lays emphasis on the necessity of developing media culture and critical thinking of a person that help young generation to live in a new information-oriented society.

Key words: media education, media, information technologies, mass communication media, media text, information-oriented society, media culture, critical thinking

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To the theory of glottogenesis: Johann Herder

UDC 81.00 BBK

Danilenko V. P.

J. Herder has based the evolutional approach to the problem of glottogenesis. According to this approach the language is regarded as the product of all the previous evolution – physic, biotic, psychological and cultural.

Keywords: Johann Herder, the origin of language, the universal evolution philosophy, religion, art, morals, policy, language.

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Discourse analysis

Narrative as the discourse performative formulae of the non-prototypical type

UDC 81-22 BBK 81.00

Lemeshko Yu. R.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the narrative, which reveals itself the text of the slogan type and performs as the part of the essentially important political and economical event. Narrative is analysed as the discourse formula of non-prototypical type from the point of view of sign functioning in semiotic communication.

Key words: narrative; slogan; the discourse performative formula; prototypical type; non-prototypical type; sign; attractiveness; destination.

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Linguistics. Text analysis

Cradle songs for adults

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 83.3(2Рос=Рус)6+81.2Нем

Merkurjewa V. B.

The article is devoted to the parody of a cradle song. As seen in the example of the texts by German authors and authors – Germans from Russia of different periods the genre is changed: the shift in the perspective of communication, the disappear-ance of the key theme (the mother’s love for her child), the appearance of a new per-locutionary effect.
Key words: cradle song, parody, anaphora, epiphora, Macaronic song.


Area studies and Asian studies

Party system of China in the typology aspect: one-party system or non-competitive multiparty system?

UDC 321 BBK 66.3(4/8)

Barinkova A. V., Kremnyov E. V.

The article discusses the basic typology of party system and analyses the party system of China. Particular attention is paid to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference as a special body of multi-party cooperation and political consultation.

Key words: party system; one-party system; multiparty system; multi-party cooperation and political consultation; Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

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At the crossroad of the opinions

New vocational-oriented education as a means of the youth’s migratory mood in the Far East

UDC [37.048.45+331.548:374.32]:[331.556.2:159.942.5(571.6)] BBK 74.200.52+65.248

Polichka N. P.

The article offers a new system of students’ vocational-oriented education which aims to reduce the youth outflow from the Far East regions. For this purpose three clusters are included into the system: professional diagnostics, employment and self-employment preparation. While training the students on their own analyze the situation at the labour market in both Far Eastern regions and other ones. The result of studying of self-employment bases are business projects and students’ social projects considering the Far Eastern regional specific character.

Key words: youth outflow, vocational-oriented education, professional diagnostics, career choice, employment, labour market, self-employment preparation, business projects, and social projects.

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Issues of subject-oriented teaching

Psychological support of profile education

UDC 37.047 BBK 74.200.52

Vishlenkova N. G.

The article deals with the problems of profession determination of a school student personality. There is a description of psychodiagnostic researches within profile education, a conclusion concerning the need of making the unified field of school vocational guidance. Such informational field organization is possible through elective education, i.e. specific profession trials. This article also touches upon the subject on psychological support of profile education.

Key words: psychological support, profile education, profile determination, self professional planning, profession choice, profession consultation, professiogram, profession trials

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Psychological and pedagogical follow-up of learning activity in modern education

Peculiarities of deprived junior schoolchild’s connected speech

UDC 321.927 BBK 74.3я73+88я73

Murashova I. Ju., Kravchenko T. L.

The article deals with the study results of oral connected speech of first grade pupils from sanatorium boarding school for children who need long treatment. It gives the specific features of connected speech of deprived junior schoolchildren.

Key words: coherent expressions, deprived junior schoolchildren, particular way to express own opinion in external speech, semantic lexical unit, codified speech, conversational speech.

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Actual issues of vocational pedagogy

Socio-role and criminal law personality traits of the student, who committed a crime

UDC 343.918 BBK 67.518.0

Giniyatullina E. Z.

The article presents the author's definition of the identity of the student, who committed a crime. It gives the social and role-playing signs of this identity, the characteristic of the social roles, that the student plays in the society, and discloses criminal law indicators, primarily in the form of guilt and the structure of student crimes.

Keywords: personality, education, students, crime, crime prevention.

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Pedagogical communication in the higher school peculiarities

UDC 378 BBK 74.5

Kochergina O. A.

The article is devoted to one of the most important problems of modern higher education. Specific character of pedagogical communication and its communicative part as a necessary condition of successful professional work of a high school pedagogue is based. The article is aimed to the university lecturers.

Key words: communication, pedagogical communication, communicative competence, communicative technologies.

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Student’s independent work in the educational process of the college of technical profile

UDC 377.8 BBK 22.1

Mindeeva S. V., Tolstyh O. D.

The article deals with student’s independent work as a way of active, purposeful acquisition of new knowledge and skills by students without a direct participation of teachers. It gives examples of classroom and extracurricular independent work: a method of incomplete synopsis and organizational active game in teaching mathematics at the College of technical profile.

Key words: independent work, college, incomplete synopsis, organizational-active game.

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Comparative Pedagogics

Professionalization of social work in the United States

UDC 378.2 BBK 74.58

Tselykh M. P.

The article describes the process of professionalization of social work in the United States in historical aspect. The subject of the analysis is the problem of the formation of the professional status and the definition of social work. Various criteria and features describing the level of development of social work as a profession are discussed. The author shows that the leading component of professionalization of social work is the system of knowledge, professional authority of the specialists; approval of the society; Code of ethics and professional culture. It is revealed that the leading factor of the professionalization of social work in the United States is the activity of professionals united in professional associations.

Keywords: social work, profession, professionalization.

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Actual problems of education

Cultural values and personality formation

UDC 37.012.8 BBK 74.00

Belykh T. V.

The ideas about values are directly related to education because the content of education is based on realization of social programs that function in the system of values. Cultural values are the factor which determines the regulation of a person’s behavior. The article is devoted to the study of formative mechanisms of senior student’s valuable orientations.

Key words: valuable orientations, cultural values, value system, formation of personality

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Justification of the model of students’ civil activity formation in university education

UDC 37 BBK 74

Gribanova V. A.

The article deals with the justification of the model of students’ civil activity formation in university education. It gives goals, objectives, stages, levels, optimal tools, directions and forms of work that predict the most significant changes in student’s personality.

Keywords: civic activity; students; education; model.

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Attention: experience

Synthesis of financial and non-financial motivation of the teaching staff at Osa secondary school №2

UDC 330.88 BBK 65

Halbaeva-Shironova A. V.

The management activity of the director of Osa secondary school № 2 is considered. The timeliness of the issue is explained by existence of contradictions between the lack of financial means under conditions of economic crisis and underdevelopment of efficient non-financial encouragement of the teaching staff in the modern Russian educational system. Non-financial motivation of the teaching staff is considered as one of the most important stimulating methods which enables the school to develop steadily and to be competitive on the educational service market.

Key words: motivation, non-financial incentives, staff's motivation, the system of non-financial motivation, non-financial encouragement, non-financial recognition, efficiency.

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The students of the faculty of world economics are fascinated by masterpieces of poetry and classical music

UDC 378:78 BBK 85.31

Khamaganova L. D.

The article deals with purposeful musical education. It gives the main directions and forms of the work carried out at the faculty of world economics and public administration of the Baikal State University of Economics and Law in order to attract the students to the musical art.

Key words: art, music, music education, literature-musical composition, orchestra, classical music, philharmonic concerts, literary musicale, symphony.

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Irkutsk region teachers present

Interchangeable parts, components and mechanisms

UDC 004.738.5 BBK 32.973.202

Baranova V. I.

The article is devoted to the topic - interchangeability of parts, components and mechanisms in the vehicle. It provides information on interchangeable parts in tuning old cars, in cars, constructed on the same platform, information about original and non-original spare parts. The possibility of replacement parts from a domestic car is considered by the example of Ford Focus hatchback 2010.

Key words: interchangeable parts, tuning, platform, original spare parts, non-original spare parts

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First Steps in Science

On the question of the verification of the concepts «intellect», «potential intellect», «intellectual abilities»

UDC 159.95 BBK 88.6

Luchnikova A. A.

This article is the analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature which deals with the interpretation of the terms «intellect», «potential intellect», «intellectual abilities» through various views of scientists. A transition is being made to the conclusion that it is impossible to draw a distinguished boundary between separate mental processes, since this division is very conditional and so the mentality of the person represents integrity.

Key words: intellect; potential intellect; crystal intellect; intellectual abilities; cognitive process.

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The assessment of the health level of college students based on their tone of the autonomic nervous system

УДК 613.62 ББК 28.7

Мukharskiy P. O.Zarubina K. V.

The article deals with the study to reveal the health level among the students of our college in the relation with their tone of the autonomic nervous system. The question of this relationship is quite relevant as in the field of medicine, physiology, psychology and pedagogy. The students are often exposed to stress during the different tests and examinations and the knowledge of the biological and social adaptation to various conditions will help students cope with stress.

Key words: health level, autonomic tone, health of the students, vegetative (autonomic) nervous system.

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