# 4, 2018

A word to the readers

Дорогие друзья и коллеги, давние и новые читатели международного информационно-аналитического журнала «Crede Experto: транспорт, общество, образование, язык», представляю Вам финальный в 2018 году номер нашего журнала. Очень надеемся, что статьи, размещенные в очередном выпуске, не оставят равнодушными наших постоянных читателей.

Заканчивается 2018 год! Он оказался весьма насыщенным в смысле научной жизни в Иркутском филиале МГТУ ГА. В конце года принято традиционно подводить итоги, вспоминать случившееся, а особенно – интересные научные события. Осенью 2018 года прошли несколько достаточно серьезных конференций, кафедра Авиационного радиоэлектронного оборудования (АРЭО) принесла яркие победы, заслуживающие самого пристального внимания. Остановимся на некоторых из них.

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Aircraft, aircraft engines and methods of their operation

UDK 629.7:681.324 BBK 39.551-01-07 S21

A. A. San’ko

A. A. Shejnikov

The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of mathematical models of the turbine gas temperature sensor of the turbocharger of a helicopter gas turbine engine based on regression analysis and on a multilayer neural network. The inexpediency of using a multilayer neural network as a mathematical model of a gas temperature sensor is proved. The optimal type of the mathematical model of the gas temperature sensor is selected by the criterion of the minimum error of the output parameter calculation.

Keywords: gas turbine engine, rotor, mathematical model of gas temperature sensor, helicopter, neural network.

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UDC 004. 588 BBK 74.5

Yu. A. Karavaev

S. A. Khodatskiy

A significant number of aircraft engines taking out early from operation are associated with inter-shaft bearing failures. Possible causes of such failures are violations of their lubrication and cooling conditions. The article presents the results of experimental studies to assess the effect of reducing the performance of the oil tube with bending vibrations of the rotor on the thermal state of the inter-shaft bearing.

During the turbofan engine operation, its shaft co-performs bending vibrations due to the imbalance of the rotor. In this case, the oil tube, placed inside the engine shaft, will also make bending vibrations, which can be one of the reasons for reducing oil consumption through the oil tube with a significant level of vibrations. In this case, the working temperature of the inter-shaft bearing may increase significantly.

Keywords: aircraft engine, inter-shaft bearing, vibration velocity, bearing temperature, GTE oil system parameters.

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Avionics, aircraft electrical systems, aircraft navigation complexes and methods for their exploitation

UDC 378.162.33 BBK 39.5

V. M. Popov

S. V. Zdrachuk

The application of aircraft simulator X-plane for simulating flight dynamics and Arduino hardware environment for creating control system simulators, instrument and flight navigation equipment during the development of the cockpit of Mi-8T simulator is presented in the article.

Keywords: aircraft simulator, training aircraft simulator, Arduino hardware environment

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Aviation radio communication, radiolocation, radio navigation and methods of their operation

UDC: 621.371.33 BBK 39.57

A.I. Agaryshev

Nguyen Minh Giang

M.A. Portnov

The article presents the results of researching the influence of ionosperic inhomogenuities on the maximum observed frequency (MOF) and the angles of arriving the radiowaves reflected two and three times from the ionosphere (2F2 and 3F2 modes). The authors present the calculated МOF and angles of arrival of decameter radio waves using the method of equal MUF under conditions of quasi-sinusoidal inhomogenuities. The results of calculations are compared with the results of measurements.

Keywords: maximum usable frequency, maximum observed frequency, inhomogeneity of the electron concentration, characteristics of double- and three-hop ionospheric reflections,  the angles of arrival of 2F2, 3F2 modes.

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UDK 629.7 BBK 39.56

A. Shomankov

The main types of failures and faults of pitot – static probes and aerometric instruments are determined and the causes of their occurrence are revealed. The results of the analysis of these faults influence on flight safety are presented.

Keywords: faults, mean flight time between failures, aviation event, difficult situation, probability of occurrence inflight abnormal circumstances, air crash, accident.

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UDK 629.42:629.4.054, 625.28 BBK 39.232

O.S. Ablyalimov

The author introduces the results of rationale for the transportation work parameters of three-section mainline (train) freight electric locomotives on a real Uzbek railway section with non-stop and stop-and-go freight traffic at passing tracks, intermediate stations and intersections, as well as estimation of the traction qualities and properties of the track profile in this area. The criteria for the estimation are adjusted values of overall and specific electrical energy consumption for traction power in the terms of quantity and money as well as accompanying values of adjusted time taken in traction mode and the specific electrical energy consumption for the trip. The research results were received as tabular dates and graphic arts dependences with the use of methods and techniques of locomotive traction theory and the main parameters of traction-energy efficiency of the considered electric locomotives.

The research results are recommended for practical application by engine-drivers-instructors and thermotechnics engineers as well as by other specialists of line enterprises of the locomotive complex of Uzbek railways with professional and productive activities concerning with the issues of energetics of moving the freight and passenger trains on real or virtual railway sections. 

Keywords: research, result, freight train, movement, electric locomotive, railway track, section, method, exploitation, condition, direction, stage, speed, calculation, rolling stock, analysis, hilly – mountainous, point, divide, average, dependence, rationale, quality,     station-to-station block, profile, railway

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UDC 629.42:629.4.054, 625.28 BBK 39.232

O. S. Ablyalimov

The results of the substantiation of the parameters of the transportation work of three-section trunk (train) freight locomotives 3ТЭ10М on the real hilly-mountain section of the railway during the movement of freight trains without or with stoppings at intermediate stations, rail junctions and separate points, as well as assessing the haulage properties of the station – to – station track profile are presented. As a criterion for the aforementioned assessment, the given values of total and specific diesel fuel consumption for train haulage in quantitative and monetary calculations are proposed, taking into account the values of the train travel time in haulage mode and specific diesel fuel consumption per trip accompanying the transportation process. The results of research using the methods of the theory of locomotive haulage, taking into account the maximum values of the main indicators of the fuel and energy efficiency of using the 3TE10M diesel locomotives in the form of tabular data and characteristic curves were obtained. The results of the research are recommended for practical use by train drivers-instructors in heating engineering and specialists of linear enterprises of the locomotive complex of the Uzbek railway network, whose professional and production activities concern energy issues of freight and passenger trains on real hilly-mountain and, identical to them, virtual railroad section.

Keywords: assessment, result, freight train, movement, diesel locomotive, railway track, area, method, operation, condition, direction, stage, speed, calculation, railway equipment, analyses, hilly – mountainous, point, divide, average, dependence, substantiation, quality, stage, profile, railway.

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UDC 658.71.08; 519.87 BBK 39.5

A. K. Volkov

The research results of screeners’ visual searching for prohibited items and substances using Eye-tracking technology are presented. The results of applying the multivariate statistics methods to improve the reliability of the classification of students based on the analysis of their eyes activity are described. The criterion of competence formation in visual search is proposed. The possibility of applying Shewhart control charts to assess the statistical stability of visual searching was studied.

Keywords: screener, visual search of prohibited items, professional training, cluster analysis, Shewhart control charts.

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Discourse and Text: vectors of research

УДК 811.112.2 ББК 81.432.4

V. A. Erman

A. V. Ermakova

The article explores the interdiscursive nature of music reviews which is manifested in interdiscursive relations between reviewer’ s discourse and discourse of music composition/ music event and can also include listener’s discourse. The article investigates peculiarities of listener’s discourse in music reviews by example of German texts and is devoted to the linguistic analysis of various types of discourse markers and functions in music reviews.

Keywords: discourse, music review, reviewer’s discourse, listener’s discourse, discourse marker

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UDC 81’1 BBK 81.006.3

N. U. Gerasimova

The article is devoted to the ballet as an art form. His history and development and also etymology of the word “ballet” is analyzed.

Keywords: ballet; dance; ballerina; etymology; art.

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UDC 81.00 BBK 141.01.2973 D181

V. P. Danilenko

The rootless person is the main character of the Russian classical literature. M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin was among those great Russian writers who found that hero after A.S. Griboedov, A.S. Pushkin, M.Yu. Lermontov, N.V. Gogol and A.I. Herzen.

Key words: M.E. Saltykov-Schedrin; the meaning of life; the rootless; science; art; literature; moral; politics.

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UDC 821.111+821.133 – 6 BBK 84 (0) 5

S. V. Testsov

The problems of investigation of the West European epistolary literature of the seventeenth century are studied in this article. The letters of this time reflected not only the public and spirit life of the educated people of France and England, but also represented the individual features of the authors of these epistles.

Keywords: literary; epistolary; correspondence; letter; publication; post; writer; essay; education; style.

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History of Pedagogy and Education

BBK 74.57 UDK 373 (571.53) G 20

L. V. Garashchenko

The article deals with the educational practice of private schools that successfully operated in Irkutsk in the early XX century analyzing unique historical and pedagogical sources. It presents the experience of using «new» methods in work with children and adults. These methods stimulated cognitive activity, developed independence and creativity. It characterizes the initial theoretical positions on which the pedagogical system of separate schools of «new type» was built.

Keywords: history of education, private education, private school, educational process, training methods, cognitive activity development, Irkutsk.

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Innovative processes in modern education

UDK 378 BBK 74.58

L. Yu. Barbasheva

The article deals with the practice of implementing the network interaction in higher education. The article presents summarizing the experience of a technical university in creating an educational cluster and a scientific educational cluster with international participation.  The author proves the expediency of creating a local educational aviation cluster with the purpose of activating the development of modern intellectual professional aviation environment in Irkutsk.  

Keywords: network cooperation, cluster approach, higher educational establishment, educational cluster, scientific educational cluster with international participation, local educational aviation cluster.

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Actual issues of vocational pedagogy

УДК 378 ББК 74.48

O. A. Molokova

The article deals with the necessity to consider students support at the stage of adaptation in the conditions of humanization of education based on humanistic psychological approaches. The most consistent and developed of these approaches in pedagogical practice is the person-centered approach which is able to act as the theoretical and practical basis of this kind of support. The article discusses the peculiarities of supporting students in terms of the person-centered approach in comparison with the traditional (pragmatic) approach.

Keywords: adaptation of students, person-centered approach, students support.

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Theoretical and practical issues of foreign languages teaching


UDC 377 BBK 74.5

L. V. Ermakova

The problem of the quality of foreign language education in the conditions of exponential development of digital media has always been the focus of Russian linguodidactics, theory and methods of teaching foreign languages. The article is devoted to the problem of foreign language education in secondary vocational education in the era of globalization, global cooperation and competition, technologization, information society, intercultural communication, as well as economic reforms in Russia. The author agrees with the point of view that the language of media combines elements of communication and impact and is considered as one of the main modern means of formation of media competence of the secondary linguistic personality capable to function fully in the mediatized society.

Key words: media competence, mediatized communication, mediatized society, foreign language communication, foreign language education, intercultural communication, language personality, secondary language personality.

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UDC 372.881.111.1 BBK 74.268.19

Z. I. Trubina

Scientific and technological progress creates a new social order for educational institutions. The society needs the professionals who are constantly evolving in their professional field and are able to transform the received knowledge and find creative solutions to problems. The originality of the thinking processes is an essential characteristic of a modern specialist. Therefore the problem of creative thinking development is determined by the particularities of the innovative approach in the educational system. Foreign languages have the potential for the use of innovative teaching methods and contribute to the process of formation of students’ creative thinking.

Keywords: creative thinking, foreign languages, innovative methods

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Primary education: theory and practice

UDK 82 (571.54) BBK 83.3 S 57

S. TS. Sodnomov

The article deals with the children’s folklore of Buryats in the development of Buryat children’s literature and the role of Buryat folk literature in the literary development of primary school children.

Keywords: children’s folklore, primary school, primary school child, development, literary development, proverbs, riddles, expressive means.

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Actual problems of education

УДК 37 ББК 74.200.5

N.P. Filatova

The activity of the school of modern dance “Edelweiss” is represented by three workshops:  “Choreographic art”, “Modern dance”, “Children’s pop dance” and is aimed at achieving personal, metasubject, substantive results. The article presents the criteria and a set of methods for the study of the level of adoption of conscious discipline of students in the implementation of additional general development program on choreography “School of modern dance “Edelweiss”.

Keywords: school of modern dance, choreography classes, additional education, personal results, discipline, conscious discipline, fostering of conscious discipline, additional general development program.

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Comparative Pedagogics

UDC 372.853. (575.2)(043.3)  BBK 74.202.4

Sh. J. Kurmankulov

Т. Т. Tashtanbekova

The article considers changes and development of students’ intellectual potentials caused by learning new materials or knowledge. The authors prove that not all students can always learn any educational material because of the impediments retarding intellectual functioning of students for objective and subjective reasons.

Keyword: innovation, new paradigm, teaching technology, intellect, intellectual potential, mental energy, permanent knowledge, educational background, protective inhibition, reflection.

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UDK 372.853. (575.2)(043.3)  BBK 74.202.5

Sh. J. Kurmankulov

V. K. Beshkempirova

In this article the authors considered the features of innovative learning organization in the Kyrgyz Republic on the example of General secondary education. The innovative approach of learning carries new ways of interaction “teacher-student” in the training process, aims to improve the efficiency of the education.

Keywords: didactics, innovation, innovative approach, new paradigm, educational standard, learning technology, traditional learning, innovative learning.

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Attention: experience

UDC 340 BBK 67.5

Z. Sidorova

The article is devoted to theoretical study of the issue of security of the educational environment using various methods and tools. The article presents a classification of such methods and tools. There are examples of informational, economic, criminological, psychological, hygienic, technical, legal methods. The instruments of security of the educational environment are a safety briefing, training employees of educational organizations to act in dangerous situations, the special assessment of working conditions, attestation (certification) of educational organizations and other. Special attention is paid to foreign experience of using various tools of security of the educational environment.

Keywords: public administration, complex security of education, young people, students, educational environment.

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