# 2, 2023

Air transport security

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_6

Nikolai S. Khersonsky

Ludmila G. Bolshedvorskaya

Abstract. The main motive for conducting the study was the need to consider in detail the change in equipment performability depending on the manifestation of random and non-random factors. The results obtained will make it possible to solve particular problems conditioned by the need to assess the survivability of equipment, the likelihood of its service life or radical replacement.

Key words: simulation, survivability, equipment performability, equipment replacement

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DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_15

Sergey V. Skorobogatov

Abstract. The purpose of this article is to investigate the barrier ice accretion after aircraft de-icing, as well as to analyze the impact of it on flight safety. The influence degree of the flight speed factor, the factor of the ice ridges location relative to the aircraft Pitot tubes on the airflow disturbance creation and the total pressure indicators pulsations is studied. It was analyzed the aviation accidents related to the aircraft icing process. A detailed study of the incident caused by the barrier ice in the fuselage nose section was performed; weather conditions and de-icing procedure by the ground personnel were analyzed. It has been presented a picture of the turbulent flow pulsations behind the ice ridges, making it possible to determine the flight conditions when the crew may receive unreliable information about the airspeed being an important parameter necessary for the autopilot normal operation.

Keywords: icing, de-icing, flight safety, ice ridges, Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations.

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Aviation radio communication, radiolocation, radio navigation and methods of their operation

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_28

Roman O. Arefyev

Oleg N. Skrypnik

Muslim A. Mezhetov

Abstract. The article presents the results of a study of the noise immunity of the ATGM336H multi-system GNSS receiver to the influence of narrow-band interference at the L1 frequency set for one of the systems (GLONASS or GPS). The review of existing works on the study of noise immunity of satellite navigation receivers is carried out. The method of conducting experiments is presented. The simulator CH-3803M was used as a signal source from navigation satellites. The analysis of the results obtained during the experiments for the formulation of narrow-band interference of various capacities via GPS and GLONASS channels is carried out.

Keywords: GPS, GLONASS, dilution of precision, immunity.

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Transportation process management

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_44

Vladimir P. Gorbunov

Abstract. The development of the transport sector and transport infrastructure of the Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation is an important task in the economic strategy of the state. One of the priorities ensuring economic and social growth is to increase the air transport accessibility and aviation mobility of the region through the creation of a single Far Eastern airline. Among the most key aspects, the importance of preparing a unified register of socially significant routes and developing a unified route network of all 6 major airlines in the region, with the development of operational infrastructure, support technical centers, training centers for aviation personnel in Khabarovsk and Yakutsk, was emphasized. By the method of data analysis, the general characteristics of air transportation, comparison of the average Russian indicator of aviation mobility and in the Far East are presented. The elimination of this imbalance is the main goal of creating a single Far Eastern airline based on the principles of “unification”, “specialization” and “consolidation”. The data on the assessment of the required number of aircraft of domestic production through a single consolidated order are analyzed, which will allow loading the production capacities of domestic manufacturers of modern aviation equipment and completely renew the fleet of all project participants. It is concluded that the successful implementation of the plan to create a single Far Eastern airline will have a multiplicative effect in the qualitative solution of economic and social problems of development, increasing transport accessibility and aviation mobility in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Keywords: Far East, united Far Eastern airline, transport accessibility, transport infrastructure, fleet, socially significant routes.

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Discourse and Text: vectors of research

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_63

Elizaveta A. Vdovichenko

Veronika A. Kameneva

Abstract. The research of text perception and comprehension does not lose its relevance among scholars. News texts addressed to children 8-12 years old (mono-addresser) and to adolescents 10-15 years old (dual addressee) are being published. Their research is of academic interest because political texts are not popular among these age groups. A total of 50 political articles from the French-language magazines 1jour1actu and GEO, targeting mono- and dual addressees, respectively, were each sampled for the period 2013-2022. The quantitative counting indicated that among the material there are articles with information presented according to the “Kebab” (Kebab) structure. More often this structure is inherent in the political news for the dual addressee. While researching the components of “Kebab” structure, it was revealed that the journalist for better perception and retention of the addressee’s attention resorts not only to the basic structural components (“Title”, “Lead”, “Subtitles”, “Anecdote”, “Background”), but also to the invariant ones. For a mono-address, “Nut graf” is used to emphasize the purpose of reading the article. At the end of the news text, another “Anecdote” is used to repeatedly recall the news event.

Keywords: political news text, influence on the reader, manipulation of attention, structure of the news text “Kebab”.

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DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_78 

Larisa G. Vikulova

Evgeniya A. Elizarova

Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the attractive features of the websites of English luxury hotels. The website of The Dorchester Hotel in London is used as an example. This hotel is one of the most prestigious and premium priced hotels of the UK. The official web-site is the main way of communication between the potential guest and the hotel. That’s why the content of the hotel site is the necessary requirement to persuade a person to become a real guest. The article shows different verbal elements that can be attractive for potential guests such as emotional and expressive vocabulary (bespoke luxury, deluxe, executive, etc.), the superlative degree of adjectives (the most iconic, the best, etc.), lexical units referring to hotel business (the gold standard of care, the perfect room for your every need, etc.) A lot of ways of non-verbal communicative elements are used to attract the potential guests’ attention. However, different photos of the luxurious interiors of the hotel and the famous guests are the main semiotic sign for the discerning client. 

Key words: website, hotel, potential guest, addressee, addresser, lexical units, non-verbal units.

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DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_89

Evgeniya E. Smirnova

Abstract. The present case study offers a brief review of the history and methods in discourse analysis of films, makes an assumption about the film Out 1: Noli me tangere (1971) by the French director and critic Jacques Rivette being a unique example of a “linguistic” film; makes an attempt to analyze the film with the help of existing theoretical models.

Keywords: Cinematic discourse, discourse analysis, logomorphism, French cinema, semiotics.

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Issues of cognitive linguistics

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_102

Victoria G. Morgun

Abstract. The New Year’s Receipt is one of the modern discursive practices in the Chinese linguoculture, through which parent forms a financially literate child’s personality. The article provides a comprehensive study of cognitive-discursive patterns «child – parent» interaction, the functioning of linguistic means in the process of text formation. The empirical material analysis has shown that the main lexical and grammatical features include legal terms, cultural names, localities, collateral service unions and bundles, digital registry, temporary constructions.

Keywords: cognition, discursive patterns, financial education, New Year’s receipt.

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DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_113 

Yulia P. Chalaya

Abstract. The article is devoted to the analysis of the value aspect of the English advertising discourse. Using the example of advertising texts on different subjects, the specifics of key axiologically significant concepts that determine the value system of modern society is shown. The research material is 520 advertising texts published in the magazines Delicious Magazine, Elle, Healthy Food Guide, Marie Claire and posted on the Internet. The paper emphasizes the value-oriented nature of advertising communication, according to which, the advertising text is one of the most significant factors in the formation and distribution of values. Taking into account the results of the analysis of the factual material, the author comes to the following conclusions: 1) the English advertising discourse, represented by advertisements of food, clothing and accessories, is characterized by an axiologically determined nature and the presence of a number of value markers; 2) a positive assessment of the advertised product plays an essential role in the process of formation the value orientations of society; 3) the main markers that embody the axiological potential in the sample are the following concepts: a) freshness, taste, naturalness, benefit, enjoyment (food advertising); b) beauty, comfort, individuality, accessibility, quality (clothing advertising); c) beauty, quality, luxury, creativity, status (advertising accessories – watches, jewelry).

Key words: axiology, axiological markers, concept, English advertising discourse, advertising text, mass media space, evaluation, speech impact, value system, advertising language. 

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Cognitive, communicative-pragmatic, stylistic, corpus linguistic studies

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_126

Kristina V. Manerova

Abstract. This paper intends to analyze the use of a special type of phraseological unit – collocations formed by the lexeme Sanktion in plural and by a collocator in the modern German. For that purpose, some introductory remarks will first be given regarding the eurysemantic character and the origin of the lexeme Sanktion. Since this is a corpus-based study, details on the compilation of the digitized corpus will be outlined, and it will be shown which collocational potential Sanktion has developed in the German political discource. In the meaning of “veto, restriction” the lexeme acts as a part of collocations. Collocations have an asymmetrical syntactic structure: the basis in collocations is the lexeme Sanktion, the collocators are adjective and genitive attribute, prepositional groups, comparison words etc. The main task of the study is to examine the development of the collocation potential of Sanktion using examples from the modern German DWDS corpus, using the corpus parameter LogDice and the frequency measure. The combinations of frequency measure and LogDice allow to present collocations as formulaic patterns in political language.

Key words: Sanktion, collocations, linguistic secularization, eurysemanticity, corpora studies, formulaic language.

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General Linguistics

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_135

Tamara V. Slastnikova

Abstract. The aim of the present article is to study the stages of occurrence of arabisms in the French language in order to identify the movement of the French vocabulary`s layer of Arabic origin. In this article the definition of a borrowing is given, taking into consideration the fact that in linguistic literature the question on what a loan word is is still debatable. In the article significant phases in the history of arabisms in the French language are given, the actual problem of adaptation of Arabic vocabulary in the French language environment is addressed. For the first time the vocabulary of Arabic origin in the French language is considered and analysed in the comparative study of dictionaries of the three centuries, namely: M. Devic, “Dictionnaire étymologique des mots d’origine orientale” (XIX), A. Dauzat, “Nouveau dictionnaire étymologique et historique” (XX) and Dictionnaire Larousse français monolingue et bilingues en ligne (XXI). It allows to designate the period most accurately in the history of the French language when Arabic lexical units were borrowed most intensively.

Keywords: borrowing, Arabic lexical units, diachrony, vocabulary of the French language, intermediary language, historicism.

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Actual problems of languages and cultures of Far East countries

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_149

Anna V. Kozachina

Daria A. Litovchenko

Abstract. The paper is devoted to the research of «Nature» as a key dominant in the Japanese value worldview. The purpose is to identify the explication of dominant in the textbook «Our Morality» ((私たちの道徳 /watashi-tachi no do:toku/) for elementary and secondary school students. The relevance of the paper is due to the interest of linguacultural modeling of worldviews of individual cultural communities. Practical novelty is the methods of linguacultural analysis are applied to describe the value dominants of the Japanese linguacultural. In the course of the study, more than 350 lexical units were identified by the continuous sampling method. The lexeme-representant of the studied value dominant was revealed, the ways of its linguistic and lexical-semantic representation were analyzed. Multimodal analysis revealed a number of value indicators, expressed by both linguistic means and visual components. The conclusions can be of interest to the experts in the field of Japanese studies, axiolinguistics and linguacultural studies.

Keywords: Naturocentrism, nature, value worldview, linguistic worldview, the Japanese language.

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DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_167

Ekaterina A. Orobyova

Natalya Yu. Trazanova

Abstract. This article is devoted to studying the issues of approaches to translation of literary texts from Russian into Japanese. The research is based on complex methodology, combining the studies of linguistic, literary as well as functional-communicative approaches to translation. Comparative analysis between the original text and translation, contextual and interpretative methods of analysis, applied for Russian classics and the translations into Japanese, reveal the issues and problematic aspects of adequateness and effectiveness of translation, allow to set translation standards of literary texts. Meanwhile, it is necessary to give grounds for combined, variable, flexible approach to translation quality assessment according to the specifics of literary works: accuracy of rendering the writing style, essence and vibes of Russian classics, taking into account background knowledge, compliance with grammar and stylistic norms of the Japanese language.

Keywords: translation of Russian classics, linguistic approach to translation, literary approach to translation, functional-communicative approach to translation, translation from Russian into Japanese

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Personality and media: humanitarian studies in media education

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_182

Olga I. Gorbatkova

Abstract. The paper analyzes the evolution of theoretical film studies concepts of the famous film scholar I.V. Weisfeld (1909-2003) in the “Art of Cinema” journal (1931-2003).

The objective of the study is to perform a comprehensive content analysis of the evolution of I.V. Weisfeld’s theoretical film studies concepts in the “Art of Cinema” journal (1931-2003) in the context of the transformation of historical and socio-cultural space.

Based on the content analysis of the discourse of film studies formations concentrated in I.V. Weisfeld’s theoretical articles in the “Art of Cinema” journal (1931-2003), the following was revealed:

  • V. Weisfeld’s theoretical film studies concepts were largely confined to the study of problematization vectors of film studies, namely, they concerned a detailed deconstruction of film construction issues, plot and structural image, the style movement of the artist, and a hero’s character;
  • most of his theoretical articles were written in line with the ideological and political dogmas of a particular historical period. The texts of the film scholar’s theoretical articles clearly reflected the ideology of the ruling Communist Party, with frequent quotations of the works of K. Marx, V. Lenin and I. Stalin, as well as the resolutions of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party;
  • a number of articles contained a sharp criticism of “bourgeois concepts” of Western cinema, defended the values of the ideological and moral content of Soviet cinema as well as the unity of the ideological and professional approach in film studies;
  • a significant portion of I.V. Weisfeld’s articles was devoted to the cinematic legacy of famous Soviet filmmakers: S. Eisenstein, D. Vertov, V. Pudovkin, N. Zarkhi, and N. Lebedev in close correlation with criticism and outlining the merits of their work and the development of film studies as a science;
  • A significant segment of the author’s conceptual views concerned the problems of integrating film into the educational process of schools and universities;
  • The author’s theoretical articles are written at a high professional level (using cinematic terminology), not deprived of expressive artistic imagery; presented theoretical concepts are supported by a clear logic of presentation and coherent arguments based on primary sources;
  • The author’s position and attitude towards the subject of research are clearly traceable in the general content and generalizing conclusions; structurally, his articles are usually in a scientific style, have a clear structure and a significant volume;
  • V. Weisfeld’s theoretical film studies concepts are presented in a correlative relationship and determination of the transformation processes of the political and socio-cultural segment in the context of historical stages.

Keywords: Weisfeld, theoretical articles, film studies concept, film history, “Art of Cinema” journal.

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Buryat language and literature: theory and methodology

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_201

Sonombal Ts. Sodnomov

Darima B. Dashieva

Annotation. The paper considers the problems of developing fifth-eighth-graders’ functional literacy at the Buryat lessons. Today we have a very difficult situation with the Buryat language, there is a subordinative bilingualism in the Republic of Buryatia, and, as a result, the Buryat language has taken the second, perhaps even the third place in terms of the language use in everyday life, even at the level of existence. But despite the situation the authors consider that the Buryat language is a powerful means for developing a languistic personality. And on the basis of a languistic personality formation we should develop language functional literacy. The paper studies different scientific methodologists’points of view concerning the development of functional literacy in learning native and foreign languages. Different examples of using modern technologies, methods and techniques are discussed.

Key words: Personality, the Buryat language, functional literacy, modern lesson, basic school, development, regulatory requirements, skills, subordinate bilingualism, sociolinguistic conditions, interactive technologies, critical thinking technology, competence, federal education programme, federal state education standard. 

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