№1, 2017

A word to the reader

Ivanova L. A.

Merkurjewa V. B.

Добрый день, уважаемые читатели! По старой и доброй традиции мы с вами встречаемся в марте, на сей раз уже 2017 года. Мы очень рады, что вы остались нашими активными авторами и читателями.

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UDC  621.391:621.396 BBK 39.57-5

Skrypnik O. N.

By HIL-simulating and mathematical modeling the author researched the characteristics of a navigation and timing field created by the GLONASS, GPS satellite navigation systems and the combined system. HIL-simulation experiments were carried out using the hardware and software of CH-3803M simulator and CH-4312 aircraft receiver. The problems of using integrated receivers are revealed. On the basis of a program developed in LabVieW environment the technique of constructing the fields of GLONASS precision in the horizontal and vertical planes using the values of the geometrical factors is proposed.

Keywords: satellite navigation system, GPS, GLONASS, geometrical dilution of precision, navigation and timing field, modelling, precision.

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UDC 004.588 BBK 74.5

Chokoj V. Z.

Рассмотрены математические подходы к первичному анализу статистических данных по наблюдаемым процессам и подбора для них адекватных теоретических распределений, а также оценке параметров подобранных распределений. Представлен обзор авторских компьютерных средств (инструментов) решения перечисленных задач описательной статистики. Рассмотрены основные интерфейсные решения по инструментам и показания по их применению в образовательной, инженерной и исследовательской практиках.

Ключевые слова: наблюдаемый процесс, описательная статистика, статистические показатели, эмпирическое распределение, закон теоретического распределения, критерии проверки гипотез.

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UDC 81.00 BBK

Danilenko V. P.

This article is dedicated to the gnoseological analysis of the best H. Hesse’s autobiography. One of the central “protagonists” is a bipolar mindset. It was typical of the author.

Key words: H. Hesse, «Health-resort visitor», the fight between contradictions, thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

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UDC 10/14 BBK 87

Sinitsyna L. N.

In the paper the author analyzes various approaches to the study of the existing interrelation of the name with one’s character, health, fate and other aspects of human existence, which taken together can be presented as a certain symbol of individuality.

Keywords: name, symbol, character, fate

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Bilingualism and bilingual education

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 83.3(2Рос=Рус)6+81.2Нем

Merkurjewa V. B., Kaskevich N. L.

The given article defines the concept of «macaronic song» which is traditionally associated with the realm of the comical. The purpose of the article is to point out characteristic features of the mixed colonial songs of Germans from Russia illustrated by the analysis of the songs «Alle Jahr na kaschdyi God» and «Спи, младенец мой прекрасный».

Key words: maсaronic song, Germans from Russia, colonial songs, bilingualism, folklore, interference.

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Mongolian Studies

Дондог Улзытуевай шүлэгүүд соохи зэргэсүүлгэнүүдэй найруулга тухай

UDC 894.23(092) BBK 83.3Бу-8

Tagarova T. B.

The article describes the stylistic functions of comparative constructions in poetry of Dondok Ulzytuev enhancing artistic expressiveness of the poems. Comparisons help to build images, inspired by a picture of the world of the poet-singer of the steppe Motherland, love for mother, women, nature. Comparisons are formed by repetition, parallelism, etc., to create a particularly bright, convex pictures of nature, at the same time expressing philosophical views of the author, distinguished by a deep psychologism and lyricism.

Key words: stylistics; comparison; reference; trope; detailed; simple; repetition; parallelism; philosophy; psychology; love; nature; mother; sea; artistic; image; original; traditional.

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UDC 61:93+001.4

Musokhranova M. B.

В работе делается акцент на архаический период становления медицины, в котором шло формирование её языка, репрезентирующего человека в отношениях с окружающим миром посредством терминов.

Ключевые слова: истоки медицины, язык медицины, термин.

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Discourse and Text: vectors of research

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 81.432.4

Merkurjewa V. B., Salchak A. A.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the notion «political media discourse», which includes manipulative potential of the political discourse and media discourse. The article is devoted to the analysis of linguistic means used to manipulate the public opinion to form the negative image of Russia in German mediadiscourse.

Key words: political discourse, media discourse, political media discourse, the image of Russia, manipulation.

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UDC 81-119 BBK 81.2-3

Stepanenko V. A., Blank Ju. V.

The article is devoted to the study of verbal and nonverbal means in the German sexism advertisement where ambiguous slogans are often used. The ambiguity is achieved by addressing to nonverbal means representing a female either as sex product or as a creature unequal in intellect with a male.

Key words:  sexism, German-speaking advertisement, K. Schmerl’s classification, stereotype, discrimination.

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Personality and media: humanitarian studies in media education

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Dr. Elena Muryukina

In the article we presented the results of the indicators of media competence of students of Taganrog State Institute of Management and Economics and A. P. Chekhov Taganrog Institute where we held the formative experiment, based on the synthesis of media criticism and media education in the future teachers’ training. Summarizing the results, we relied on re-testing, interviews, written and creative works, the results of practice-oriented tasks. This study revealed a positive trend in the experimental group of students of A. P. Chekhov Taganrog Institute and stagnation phenomena among the students in the control group of Taganrog State Institute of Management and Economics.

Key words: university students; media criticism; testing; comparative analysis; media education; media competence.

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UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57

Chelysheva I. V.

The article deals with the problem of the genesis of the national aesthetically oriented media education in the second half of the twentieth century. The author presents the main approaches to the integration of media education components in the system of aesthetic upbringing and education.

Keywords: media, media culture, media education, aesthetic education, integrated approach.

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UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Bubnova Ju. A.

The article deals with the theoretical foundations of media education. Today, there are at least eleven concepts of media education in our country and abroad. It gives a short characterization of the main media education theories, such as: injection” (protective), practical, ideological, semiotic, cultural, aesthetic (art), theological, environmental, ethical, and theories of development critical thinking and the source of «satisfaction of needs».

Key words: theories of media education; goals; strategy; audience; media competence.

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UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Sosnovskaya Z. M.

The article deals with the issues of media education development in Belarus, proving that it is based on the continuity of the concepts and ideas of the Soviet period, and the use of innovation. As key concepts of media education the researchers of Belarus allocate cultural, aesthetic, practical, sociocultural theories of media education, theory of critical thinking development. The activities of media educators aim to achieve the following goals: the development of critical thinking of the audience; the aesthetic education of children and youth through mass media; the development of the social space of media culture.

Key words: media education, Belarus, cultural, aesthetic, RKM theories, pupils, students.

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UDC 372.881.111.1 BBK 74.58:73

Khlyzova N. Ju.

The article deals with the issues of students’ research work in order to form media competence of the secondary language personality. It gives its relevance and necessity to organize it. It describes its forms, directions, principles, methods and stages.

Keywords: students’ research work, media competence of the secondary language personality, forms, directions, principles, methods, stages.

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Comparative Pedagogics

UDC 378.2 BBK 74.58

Julia A. Paschenko, Marina P. Tselykh

The article is devoted to the periodization of Mary Richmond’s professional life. It gives three stages of her professional formation: Baltimore period (1888-1900), Philadelphia period (1900-1909) and New York period (1909-1928). It shows the features and characteristics of each of the selected periods.

Keywords: social work, social welfare, vocational training, periodization, case method.

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Actual issues of vocational pedagogy

UDC 94(470) BBK 63.3

Astrahancev O. N.

This article describes some of the published and unpublished materials which can serve as sources of studying the question of military aviation personnel training in the period from 1910 to 1945. The author divides sources into groups: official documents, unpublished archive documents, memoirs and periodicals.

Key words: Air Force, aeronautics, military schools, aviation, World War II, archive.

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UDC 378.16 BBK 74.58

Veretennikova A. Ye.

The article illustrates the practice of such teaching techniques as: project, “Cadet Portfolio”, argumentative essay in the of MVD higher education institutions teaching process for the assessment of professional, including communicative, competency. Theoretical issues of project based learning and writing process which are the foundation of competency assessment criteria are covered.

Key words: project, portfolio, argumentative essay, types of assessment, critical thinking, communicative competency, writing process, cadet, MVD higher education institutions.

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UDC 371.321 BBK 74.00

Savel’eva D. V.

В статье рассматриваются психологические особенности обучающихся колледжа в зависимости от их возраста. Стремление студентов к самореализации и поиска жизненных смыслов профессиональной деятельности.

Ключевые слова: смысложизненные ориентации, подростковый возраст, самоопределение, смысложизненная концепция.

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UDC 377.6 BBK 74.05

Nikitina E. A.

This article deals with the results of the author’s empirical research which help to analyze the development of professionally significant abilities of the students at teaching beginners school (TBS) to the pedagogical activity. The abilities are considered to be important for successful work as a teacher/ training officer in the professional educational institution. The diagnostics helps to correct the working plan of teaching beginners school, to plan the promotion program of each young specialist, to consider the needs of a teacher/training officer according to the akmeogramma of a certain specialist.

Keywords: diagnostics, professional and significant abilities, pedagogical activity, teaching beginners school, teacher, training officer, secondary professional education.

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Actual problems of education

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V., Bubnova Yu. A.

The article describes the basic theory of moral education presented in Russian and Western science; levels and components of moral development; factors influencing the effectiveness of schoolchildren’s moral education. We have studied the well-known theory of moral development offered by L. Kohlberg. V. A. Sukhomlinsky believed that the main purpose of the pedagogical process is the comprehensive development of schoolchildren’s personality, where the development of moral sphere is the primary and essential factor. Moral education, according to I. F. Kharlamov, is effective when you include schoolchildren in a variety of activities.

Key words: moral development; theories; L. Kohlberg; I. F. Kharlamov, V. A. Sukhomlinsky; levels; schoolchildren; moral qualities.

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Nursery school: theory and practice

UDC 004:[373.24] BBK 74.1

Bobyleva A. G.

The article considers the meaning of adaptation, outlines the main stages of adaptation, and studies the factors of a child’s adaptation to the kindergarten requirements. Adaptation means the process of a personal entrance into a new sphere and the adaptation to the demands given. Three stages are regarded. The main factors of a child’s adaptation are as follows: the age of a preschool child; adequacy of home daily schedule to the kindergarten’s work; health; level of personal development; CNS value; communication skills with adults and coevals; activities with objects and pastime.

Key words: adaptation; a preschool child; adaptation stages; a kindergarten, factors and aspects of adaptation.

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Primary education: theory and practice

UDC 371 BBK 74.2(2Рос. Бур)


Sodnomov S. Ts., Sanzhina D. D.

The article deals with descriptive and expressive means of small Buryat folklore genres and features of formation of communicative abilities of primary school pupils in the course of reading and analysis of folklore works.

Key words: junior schoolchildren, folklore, thinking, perception, speech, oral speech, speech development, the meaning of a word, lexical units, ability, communication skills.


Ниитэлэл бага наһанай һурагшадай харилсаанай шадабари бүрилдүүлгын онсодо зорюулжа, тэдэнэй аман хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгэдэ буряад аман зохёолой лексическэ аргануудые хэрэглэлгын арга боломжонууд тайлбарилагдана.

Тулгалха үгэнүүд: бага наһанай һурагшад, арадай аман зохёол, хэлэлгэ, аман хэлэлгэ, хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгэ, шадабари, харилсаанай шадабари, үгын удха.

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Innovative processes in modern education

UDC 373.1.02 BBK 74.262

Tretyakov A. L.

The author and founder of the idea of school centers of legal information focuses the reader on some of the organizational and pedagogical conditions of the school library activities on issues of legal education of modern younger generation (students). The author describes the relevance of the issue and the legal basis on which the idea of school centers of legal information is built and reveals the philosophy of the activities of such centers. A special role is given to teaching activities of the school librarian, who acts as an intermediary (service provider) in the formation of legal culture of students. It is noted the significant role of the school centers for legal information in the arrangement of the information educational environment of educational institutions and implementation of Federal state educational standards.

Key words: legal culture of studying, students, school library, organizational and pedagogical conditions, education.

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Attention: experience

UDC 377.6 BBK 74.81,6(2) 202.5,0

Barbasheva L. Yu

Career orientation work in Irkutsk branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation is regarded in the article as a part of students’ continuous professional training. Career orientation work in the higher education institution is analyzed through the following elements’ functioning: pre-university training, professional higher education, postgraduate education. Forms and methods of career orientation work aimed at engaging the ablest applicants, establishing conditions for high-quality pre-entry training, rendering assistance to the students (trainees) in their professional identity are represented in the article.

Key words: career orientation work, engineering art, special purpose classes, a student, upbringing methods, forms of upbringing.

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UDC 811.111 BBK 81.002.1

Diensberg B.

The article represents a book review of a recent edition titled «Borrowed Words. A History of Loanwords in English» of Philip Durkin, Deputy Chief Editor with the ongoing revision of the Oxford English Dictionary. The structure and the content of Dr. Durkin‘s book are attentively analysed and localized in the context of the predominant trends in the field. It is argued that the publication under discussion provides a complete and a reliable information about borrowed words in English.

Key words:  English lexicology, borrowed words, history of English vocabulary, handbook, book review.

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