Qigong as a factor of health improvement of people of gerontological age

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Rozanov S. E., Bessonova L. O., Belyh O. A.

One of the topical issues of domestic medicine is a transition to a new stage of development – gerontological rehabilitation of the population, which has an impact on all spheres of life of older people, and is an objective reality nowadays. Over the past decade, due to the general increase in living standards, the researchers noted the following trends: increased life expectancy, poor health, hyperactivity, decreased interest in life.

The study of the group of patients of the clinical war veterans hospital in Irkutsk who had a wide range of general-somatic diseases, received basic medication therapy and attended the lessons of improving the system of self-regulation Qigong “The Return of Spring”, has revealed a statistically significant (p<0.001) change in their health condition. Observations of BP, heart rate, and surveys have showed improvement in the efficiency of blood circulation, activization of the system of hypotensive action, metabolism improvement, as well as improvement of their mood. The article shows that a person aged 80 years or older successfully masters the original method of the Chinese gymnastics Qigong. Daily performance of a complex health program “The return of spring” while the patients were in the Gerontology Center helped improve the quality of life of older people.

Keywords: elderly people, gymnastics, qigong.

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