Analysis of avionics automation verification means used in the modern civil aircraft development

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_30

Sergei Alexandrovich Diachenko

Artem Sergeevich Savelev

Abstract. The paper describes the analysis results of the existing automated means used in civil aircraft avionics verification. The main solutions on the market and their advantages, disadvantages are considered. Based on the analysis results, it is found that a promising direction in this type of means development is to provide testing automation of graphic and aural information within the hardware-in-loop verification (including bench tests). The task is relevant not only for the aviation industry, but also for any technical objects using a human-machine interface (space industry, automotive, shipbuilding, etc.).

Key words: analysis, automation, verification, software, civil aircraft, avionics, computer-aided design system, flight safety.

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