Historic person in digital format: MONLOE corpora

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_3_154

Valeriya A. Rayskina

Abstract. This article offers a complex description of various research and analysis possibilities of project MONLOE – innovative digitalized multifunctional  platform composed of texts, documents, and other types of information, devoted to a historical person Michel Montaigne. The research is conducted in the field of corpus and diachronic linguistics, that satisfy modern challenges of the humanities, and that deals with growing trends of digitalization (numérisation), development of search tools and automatic analysis engines. Our particular interest to the project MONLOE is explained by its goals (to systematize and to digitalize a big data of texts) and also by its perspectives (to preserve and de reconstruct the XVIth century documents, archives, manuscripts, to upgrade search and auto-analysis tools). In detail we`ve presented search requests and formulas, various demonstration modes, and analytic possibilities in the six corpora – components of MONLOE: literary texts corpora, fac-similés corpora, Bordeaux edition, documents corpora, multimedia platform, and interactive library model.

Keywords: corpus linguistics, corpus-based analyses, corpora, automatic search, manuscript, TXM, MonLOE, Michel Montaigne.

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