Development of functional literacy at the lessons of the buryat language in the basic school

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_201

Sonombal Ts. Sodnomov

Darima B. Dashieva

Annotation. The paper considers the problems of developing fifth-eighth-graders’ functional literacy at the Buryat lessons. Today we have a very difficult situation with the Buryat language, there is a subordinative bilingualism in the Republic of Buryatia, and, as a result, the Buryat language has taken the second, perhaps even the third place in terms of the language use in everyday life, even at the level of existence. But despite the situation the authors consider that the Buryat language is a powerful means for developing a languistic personality. And on the basis of a languistic personality formation we should develop language functional literacy. The paper studies different scientific methodologists’points of view concerning the development of functional literacy in learning native and foreign languages. Different examples of using modern technologies, methods and techniques are discussed.

Key words: Personality, the Buryat language, functional literacy, modern lesson, basic school, development, regulatory requirements, skills, subordinate bilingualism, sociolinguistic conditions, interactive technologies, critical thinking technology, competence, federal education programme, federal state education standard. 

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