Review of studies of the party system of the PRC by Chinese scientists at the contemporary stage

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_159

Maria M. Sisenkova

The article is devoted to modern studies of the PRC party system. Chinese scholars focus on four aspects: the study of the theoretical sources of the Chinese party system from the point of view of the Marxist-Leninist classics, traditional Chinese culture, political philosophy, etc; analysis of political, historical and other factors that form the party system in China, as well as trends in its development; building a real picture from the point of view of intra-party relations, inter-party relations, party-state relations, party-social relations and party-world relations; study of future development from the point of view of the theory of party systems, the system of the rule of law, the trend of cultural development.

Key words: Chinese Communist Party, Chinese party system in the new era, theory of political parties, party building, political development.

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