Belovodsky Yuri Pavlovich


Place of work: Federal State Public Military Educational Institution of Higher Education Krasnodar Air Force Institute for Pilots named after Hero of the Soviet Union A.K. Serov of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar, Russia

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Science

Academic status:  Associate Professor

Post: senior lecturer of the Department «Design and operation of aviation equipment»

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  2.9.6. – Air navigation and operation of aviation equipment (technical sciences)

Scientific major: the design of aircraft and their power plants, the reliability and combat survivability of aircraft, distance learning technologies, the development of electronic educational resources. 

Important publications:

  1. Belovodsky Yu. P. Design and flight operation of the power plant of the Su-30SM aircraft: textbook // Yu. P. Belovodsky, V. N. Ilyin, S. V. Stadnik [et al.]. – Krasnodar: KVVAUL, 2019. – 193 p.
  2. Patent No. 2801253 Russian Federation, IPC F04D 29/70 (2006.01), SEC F04D 29/70 (2023.05). Axial compressor / authors Yu. P. Belovodsky, S. S. Popov, A. N. Cherkasov: No. 2022133831, application: 12.21.2022: publ. 04.08.2023; applicant VUNTS VVS «VVA»”