Boginskaya Olga A.

Place of work: Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Irkutsk, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Philology

Academic status:  Full professor

Post: professor at the Department of foreign languages No 2

Specialty in accordance with the nomenclature of academic fields (Code of the Higher Attestation Commission):  10.02.19 – Theory of language

Research interests: discourse analysis, legal discourse, academic discourse, metadiscourse

Important publications:

  1. Boginskaya, O. Popularizing in legal discourse: What efforts do Russian judges make to facilitate juror’s comprehension of law-related contents? // Discourse Studies. 2022, 24 (5). Pp. 527-544.
  2. Boginskaya, O.A. Cross-disciplinary variation in metadiscourse: A corpus-based analysis of Russian-authored research article abstracts // Training, Language and Culture. 2022, 6 (3). Pp. 55-66.
  3. Boginskaya, O. Discursive mediation of expert knowledge to a lay audience: An analysis of Russian jury instructions // Iberica. 2022 (43). Pp. 55-76.
  4. Boginskaya, O. Functional categories of hedges: A diachronic study of Russian research article abstracts // Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2022, 26 (3). Pp. 645-667.
  5. Boginskaya, O. Popularization strategies as discursive tools to mediate legal knowledge in online forums // Revista de Llengua i Dret. 2021, (76). Pp. 169-185.