Kovalenko Gennadiy Vladimirovich


Place of work: Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation named after Air Chief Marshal A.A. Novikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic status:  Professor

Post: Professor at the Department of flight operations and aviation safety № 21

Specialty in accordance with the nomenclature of academic fields (Code of the Higher Attestation Commission):  2.9.6 – Air navigation and operation of aircraft

Research interests: flight operations, civil aviation flight safety, flight crew members’ professional training

Important publications:

  1. Kuts K. A. Boeing 777 Fleet Statistical Contingency Fuel Determination on Fixed Routes / K. A. Kuts, G. V. Kovalenko // Russian Aeronautics. – 2021. – Vol. 64, № 4. – P. 583-590.
  2. Kovalenko G. Method for Improving the Reliability of an Ergatic Control System for an Automated Aircraft. Proceedings. Conference Pape / Kovalenko, I. Muravyev, A. Bogomolov // 2022 International Russian Automation Conference, RusAutoCon. – 2022. – P. 628-632.
  3. Mikhal’chevskiy Y. Y. Method of increasing the efficiency of interaction of the crew of modern aircraft in flight / Y. Y. Mikhal’chevskiy, G. V. Kovalenko, I. S. Muravyev // St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation’s Journal. – 2022. – № 3(36). P. 5-19.
  4. Kovalenko G. V. Unsatisfactory interaction between the elements of the intelligent adaptive system of the aircraft, as one of the main causes of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX8 accident / G. V. Kovalenko, Y. Y. Mikhal’chevskiy, I. A. Yadrov // St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation’s Journal. – 2022. – № 4(37). – P. 5-18.
  5. Influence of stabilizer failures, flats and slats on safety of Il-96T aircraft / G. V. Kovalenko, A. G. Lukjanov, V. V. Trofimov, V. G. Tcipenko // St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation’s Journal. – 2021. – №1(30). – P. 75-83.