Mamatova Upol Akbarovna


Place of work: Osh Technological University, Kyrgyzstan

Post: lecturer of the Department of Physics and Power Engineering

Scientific major: theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing (physics)

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission): 13.00.02 – CIS languages

Important publications:

  1. Mamatova, U.A. The study of the diffusion phenomenon based on the molecular kinetic theory /U. A. Mamatova, M. K. Zhoroeva // Nauka. Technic. 2015. No.1(51).Pp. 215-222.
  2. Mamatova, U. A. The importance of career guidance work in teaching physics / M. K. Zhoroeva, U. A. Mamatova // Nauka. Education.Technic. 2015. No. 1(51). Pp. 208-214.
  3. Mamatova, U. A. Creating a problem situation in physics lessons / U. A. Mamatova, M. K. Zhoroeva // Nauka. Education. Technic. 2016. No. 1(51). Pp. 144-149.
  4. Mamatova, U.A. The possibilities of combining some innovative teaching methods with traditional ones / Sh. Zh. Kurmankulov, U. A. Mamatova // Science, new technologies and innovations of Kyrgyzstan. 2021. No. 2. Pp. 229-233.