Mezhetov Muslim Amirovich

Place of work: Irkutsk Branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, Irkutsk, Russia.

Academic degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Post: Dean of the Faculty Aviation systems and complexes.

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  01.04.03 – Radiophysics.

Scientific major: digital methods of signal generation, reception and processing.

Important publications:

  1. Mezhetov M. A. Perspective scheme of automated radio monitoring system in tasks of air traffic management / M. A. Mezhetov, A. A. Shalaev, A. V. Fedorov // Bulletin of the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. – 2023. – Vol. 4(41). – pp. 74-85.
  2. Mezhetov M. A. Signal selection algorithm for aeronautical communication radio band monitoring / M. A. Mezhetov, A. A. Shalaev, E. A. Bolelov // Scientific Bulletin of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation. – 2023. – Vol. 45. – pp. 121-132.
  3. Mezhetov M. A. Developing a Virtual Device to Identify Signals for Aviation Communication Monitoring System // M. A. Mezhetov, A. I. Tikhova, A. A. Shalayev // In: Gorbachev, O.A., Gao, X., Li, B. (eds) Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Aviation. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. – Springer, Singapore. – 2023. – pp. 269-279.