Mustafaeva Leyla Panakh Kyzy


Place of study: Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Samara National Research University named after academician S.P. Korolev» Samara, Russia, 2nd year student pursuing Master’s Degree in Philology

Scientific supervisor: Krivchenko I.B., candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of English Philology department

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  10.02.04 – Germanic languages

Scientific major: English politicaldiscourse.

Important publications:

  1. Mustafaeva L. P. Communicative strategies and tactics employed by American politicians in teledebates // Language: categories, functions, speech acts. Proceedings of X international scientific conference in honour of 75th anniversary of Valeriy Stepanovich Borisov. Moscow-Kolomna, 2017. P. 175-178.
  2. Krivchenko I.B. Evolution of the English political discourse in its gender aspect / I. B. Krivchenko, L. P. Mustafaeva // Evolution and transformation of discourses: collection of articles. Samara, 2018. P.18-21.