Petruneva Raisa Moradovna

Place of work: Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Аcademic status: Full professor

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  13.00.08 – Theory and Methods of Professional Education

Scientific major: didactics of higher education, educational activities and youth policy 

Important publications:

  1. Petruneva R. M. Bologna deadlock… what next? / R. M. Petruneva, V. D. Vasilieva // Alma mater (Herald of Higher Education). – 2022. – № 11. – C. 10-21. DOI: 10.20339/AM.11-22.010.
  2. Petruneva R. M. Internationalization of education: la peau de chagrin of the russian language / R. M. Petruneva, L. . Belyakova, T. L. Sidorova // Higher education in Russia (Vysshee Obrazovanie v Rossii). – 2021. – № 7. – C. 139-148. DOI: 10.31992/0869-3617-2021-30-7-139-148.
  3. Petruneva R. M. Problems of higher school didactics: Uncut pages / R. Petruneva, V. D. Vasilyeva, Yu. V. Petruneva // Higher Education in Russia (Vysshee Obrazovanie v Rossii). – 2021. – № 8-9. – C. 56-68.
  4. Petruneva R. M. Problems of Globalization and Pedagogical Work with “Digital Natives” at Technical Universities [Electronic resource] / R. Petruneva, V. D. Vasilieva, O. V. Toporkova // Growth Poles of the Global Economy: Emergence, Changes and Future Perspectives / ed. by Elena G. Popkova. – Cham (Switzerland) : Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020. P. 1241-1246. – URL : (Book ser. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS) ; vol. 73).