Proshkin Sergey Alexandrovich


Place of work: Federal State Military Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Krasnodar Air Force Institute for Pilots named after Hero of the Soviet Union A.K. Serov», Krasnodar, Russia

Academic status: Honored Military Pilot of Russia

Post: lecturer at the department of Design and operation of aviation equipment

Scientific major: flight safety, psychology of flight work, training of aviation personnel.

Important publications:

Linnik, A. P. Justification of recommendations to a flight composition on correcting deflections on a plane of a plane L-39, associated with a different temp of selection of airplane control handle / A.P. Linnik, S. A. Proshkin, S. V. Stadnik // Bulletin of the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. 2019. No. 3 (24). P. 5-20 (VAK).

Linnik, A.P. Improvement of existing procedures for assessing the quality of performance of flight missions by flight personnel / A. P. Linnik, S. A. Proshkin, S. V. Stadnik // Problems of flight operation and flight safety. 2021. No. 15. P. 29-39.