Rubtsov Vitaly Dmitrievich

Place of work: The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation, Moscow, Russia

Post: Chief Researcher

Academic degree: Doctor of Sciences in Technology

Academic status: Professor

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission): 05.22.13 – Navigation and air traffic control; 2.2.16 – Radar and radio navigation

Scientific major: radio engineering, radio navigation, acoustics, navigation and air traffic control, air transport operation

Important publications:

  1. Rubtsov V. D. On the evelope and phase distribution of the mixture of signal and non-gaussian interference / V. D. Rubtsov, A. L. Senyavsky // Scientific Bulletin of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation. – 2015. – № 220(10). – pp. 119-124.
  2. Bolelov E. A. Simulation of wind disturbances at the aerodrome / E. A. Bolelov, V. D. Rubtsov // Scientific Bulletin of GOSNIIGA. – 2018. – № 21. – pp. 101-110.