Sukhachev Nikita Vladimirivich


Place of work: Federal State Treasury Military Educational Institution of Higher Education Military Educational and Scientific Center of the Air Force “Air Force Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin”, Voronezh, Russia

Status: Junior researcher in the research department

Scientific major: artificial intelligence technologies, neural networks, vision systems, aircraft, aviation.

Important publications:

  1. Sukhachev N. V. The use of machine vision in unmanned aerial vehicles landing systems / N. V. Sukhachev // Bulletin of Modern Research. – 2021. – Vol. 6-1 (44). – P. 50-52.
  2. Sukhachev N. V. Thermal cameras image processing in fire monitoring and prevention / N. V. Sukhachev // Scientific achievements and discoveries 2020: collection of articles of the XIV International Scientific Research Competition. – 2020. – P. 33-37.