Tuganov Gafurdjan Shokirovich

Email: gafurtuganov8080@mail.ru

Place of work: Higher Military Aviation School of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Tashkent region, Chirchik

Academic degree: Assistant professor

Post: Deputy Head of the Aviation Equipment Department

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  20.02.17 – Operation and restoration of weapons and military equipment, technical support

Scientific major: Aircraft navigation equipment, control and diagnostics of aircraft engines

Important publications:

  1. Makhmudov N. A. Structures And Properties Of Ti Alloys After Double Implantation / A. Makhmudov, G. Sh. Tuganov, S. M. Rahimov, B. R. Shomansurov, B. Sh. Shamonov // International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Techno logy’ (IJBSBT). Vol-11-Issue-8-August-2019. P. 54-67.
  2. Mahmudov N. Researching laws for the distribution of random quantities based on experimental data of complex technical objects / N. A. Mahmudov, G. Sh. Tuganov, Z. F. Abijanov, Z. Sh. Bahriddinov // “Sustainable agriculture” scientific and technical journal. ISSN 2181-9408. Toshkent. 2019. №. 4. P. 34-38.