Vikulova Larisa Georgievna


Place of work: State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Moscow City Teacher Training University», Moscow, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Philology

Academic status: Full professor

Post: professor of Romance Philology department, Institute of Foreign languages

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission): 10.02.05 – Romance languages

Scientific major: publishing discourse, text theory, history of language, theory of Communication

Important publications:

  1. Zheltukhina M.R., Vikulova L.G., Slyshkin G.G., Vasileva E.G. Naming as Instrument of Strengthening of the Dynastic Power in the early middle Ages (France, England, Vth –XIth Centuries) // International Journal of Environmental & Science Education. 2016. Vol. 11. NO. 14. P. 7195–7205.
    2. Vikulova L., Serebrennikova E., Vostrikova O., Borbotko L. Communication Code as Pillar of Successful Communication in Social Cultural Institution (by Example of Theatrical Discourse) // The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current Issues of Linguistics and Didactics: The Interdisciplinary Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences” (CILDIAH-2018)SHS Web of Conferences, 2018. Vol. 50. URL:
    3. Vikulova L., Yazykova N., Makarova I., Gerasimova S. New Technologies In Teaching Foreign Languages: Expertise In Network Interactions // The European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences EpSBS, Kazan, 29–31 мая 2019 года / Conference Chair(s): Rector Prof Dr Ilshat Gafurov, Kazan Federal University. Kazan: Future Academy, 2019. P. 260–268. DOI 10.15405/epsbs.2020.01.32.
    4. Vikulova L. G., Mezhina A. V., S. N Semjannikov Moral Development in Master’s Degree Programs on Personality Development through Education // Valeeva R (Ed) V International Forum on Teacher Education, Kazan Federal University, Russia. 29-31 May 2019. ARPHA Proceedings 1, p. 757–763. URL:  DOI: 10.17223/199996195/48/9.
    5. Vikulova, L., Khoutyz, I., Makarova, I., Gerasimova, S., Borbotko, L. Information Resources for Foreign Language Teachers’ Self-development: Overview // Anikina, Z. (eds) Integrating Engineering Education and Humanities for Global Intercultural Perspectives. 2020. P. 119–127. URL:
    6. Vikulova L. G., Tareva E. G., Serebrennikova E. F., Gerasimova S. A., Rayskina V. A. Retrospective semiometrics of the sign valeur // XLinguae. 2020. Vol. 13. No 1. P. 169–183. DOI 10.18355/XL.2020.13.01.13.
    7. Vikulova L. G.,  Ukhova L. V.,  Gaponova Z. K., Razumova L. V., Ukhova
    P. S. The slang of young Russians and French: reinventing scientific linguistic collaboration in the age of coronavirus and containment [Les argots des jeunes Russes et Français : réinventer la collaboration linguistique scientifique a l’ere du coronavirus et du confinement] // XLinguae. 2021. Т. 14. № 4. Р. 237–253. URL: