Time for change in foreign language education: problems and solutions

UDC 372.881.1 BBK 74.268.1

Bogdanova O. S.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The article is devoted to the study of the urgent problem concerning foreign language education in the conditions of development of intercultural relations, intercultural communication, cooperation. It shows the vital need for new approaches to the training of future foreign language teachers in connection with the rapid processes of globalization, informational support, technologization, intercultural communication. Long-term theoretical and empirical research of the author, confirmed by the figures and data of surveys and professional observations allowed to conclude that there is a need to change the system of training of foreign language teachers to meet the new challenges of education, to make this system not subject-oriented, but professional as well as cultural-oriented.

Keywords: foreign language education, language, intercultural communication, foreign language teacher, linguodidactic discourse, metasubject results, subject results.

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