A word from the editor in chief

Иванова Людмила Анатольевна

Ivanova Ludmila Anatolievna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor, member of association of movie education and media pedagogics of Russia, research assistant of East-Siberian center of pedagogical and educational development, the chief editor of the international information and analytical journal „Crede Experto”


Dear readers and authors of publications!

I’m happy to greet and congratulate you with a new issue of the international informational and analytical journal «Crede Experto»: transport, society, education, language (IIAJ «Crede Experto») ce.if-mstuca.ru.

IIAJ «Crede Experto» is addressed to the Russian and foreign scientists, instructors, associate professors, professors, postgraduates, all those who are interested in the newest results of research works in different spheres of science.

The journal appeared in 2014 as a multidisciplinary edition. We hope that it will be really a virtual laboratory for teachers, instructors, universities teachers, representatives of educational authority and scientists. It will be also a place where we could exchange our opinions on the most important issues of science and education, discuss controversial questions related to the theory and practice.

When we started our issue of the international informational and analytical journal «Crede Experto»: transport, society, education, language, we tried to archieve some goals:

  • to introduce the readers the newest science research results, the experience of innovative activity of the educational instututions and creative educators;
  • to provide with a platform for publications of both honored researchers and young specialists, seniour students, magisters, postgraduate students and for those who start their way in science and education.

The career of a researcher is very special among other professions. Each of us can build it up using a wide range of opportunities of a previous experience, accepting the experience of the specialists, making experiments, reading and analysing. We hope that the international informational and analytical journal «Crede Experto»: transport, society, education, language will unite our efforts and allows everybody to do professional duty and to understand the new tendencies of the development of Russian science and technologies. It could happen owing to the works published in the journal.

We hope that our project will raise an interest in the educational institutions of all levels. Today, the problems of humanitarian, natural and technical sciences attract a great public response and we need the platform to discuss them. We would like a new edition to be met with an enthusiastic response in cities and villages, experimental school laboratories and traditional educational institutions, universities and colleges, all those who aren’t indifferent to the Russian education and the future of our country.

We hope that our journal finds its reader and new talented authors in the Irkutsk region, other regions of Russia and coutries of near and far abroad.

From the beginning of the journal publishing there will be a column devoted to the best and famous people: teachers and scientists of the Irkutsk region. It was thought as a column «Golden pages of History» that will include the materials that aren’t available for the most students and postgraduates. Owing to this column the readers will get an opportunity to take a new look at the history of science and people who created a scientific environment from previous experience of Russia. In this column we will republish their works, articles, fragments from the books, monographs and textbooks.

Obviously, there are many unknown biographies in the history of each science school. And they all created the unique and recognizable image of Russian science.

The column «Golden pages of History» is addressed to teachers and students of pedagogical universities, colleges, school teachers. The reader, especially young reader, oriented to the professional activity in the humanitarian, natural and technical spheres, could accept not only important information but also experience in culture, ethic and aesthetic, science traditions. We honor these traditions and follow them in every possible way. Starting this column, Advisory board expects the readers’ attention and new articles for the journal.

Among the members of the Advisory Board of the journal are leading scientists, authority educators of Russian Federation and countries of near and far abroad. The main feature of our journal is reviewing each article by the specialist in the given scientific sphere who known abroad.

The main language of the publications in IIAJ «Crede Experto»: transport, society, education, language is Russian. However, our journal is multilingual, i.e. we provide authors with the opportunity to make their own choice of the language of the article and the audience of readers they address their article: world science society, that speaks and writes English, German, French, Chinese and other languages or they want to limit their readers by Russian-speaking audience exclusively. The members of the Advisory board of IIAJ «Crede Experto» are ready to expand the range of languages and to open for the dialog with all researchers.

Modernization of Russian education is based on scientific achievements, mainly on achievements of pedagogical science and practice. The significance of pedagogy is obvious for the modern society and education development. To support this statement we introduce the material of suggested issue, which demonstrates a wide range of research on the pedagogical problems. Acquaintance with the issue materials enables to make up the impression about the variety of the content and research spheres, problem studies and achievements of the modern pedagogy. The articles describe the priorities of modernization in education, recorded in the new educational standards. They could become a certain mark for the educational institutions looking for the new ways of the professional activity development.

The Advisory Board is grateful for those who supported us in the project and of the initial issue preparation: Akymbek Siezd Shardarbekuly, Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor(Almaty, Kazakhstan); Alkebaeva Dina Akbergenovna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor (Almaty, Kazakhstan); Blokh Mark Yakovlevich, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor (Moscow, Russia); Bakshikhanova Seseg Syrenovna, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, associate professor (Ulan-Ude, Russia); Voronkova Valentina Vasilievna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Moscow, Russia); Gladilina Irina Petrovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Moscow, Russia); Gabidullina Alla Rashatovna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor (Horlivka, Ukraine); Dagbaeva Nina Zhamsuevna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Ulan-Ude, Russia); Dinsberg Bernhard, Doctor in Philology, professor (Bonn, Germany); Żebrowska Ewa, Doctor in Philology, professor (Olsztyn, Poland); Imambaeva Gaisha Ertaevna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan); Ivanova Nelia Stefanovna, Doctor, professor of the Chair of Slavic Languages, Bourgas University, Prof. Assen Zlatarov (Bourgas, Bulgary); Ivanova Irina Emelianovna, Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor (Irkutsk); Krutiy Ekaterina Leonidovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Yalta, ACR, Russia); Merkurieva Vera Bronislavovna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor (Irkutsk, Russia); Postovalova Valentina Ilinishna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor, Academician RAS (Moscow, Russia); Archpriest Vladimir (Alexeev), Doctor of Theology, the senior priest of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (New-York, the USA); Stepanenko Valentina Anatolievna, Doctor of Philological sciences, associate professor (Irkutsk, Russia); Stefanovskaya Tatiana Alexandrovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Irkutsk, Russia); Tikhomirova Evgenya Ivanovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Samara, Russia); Fedorov Alexander Victorovich, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor (Taganrog, Russia); Falunina Elena Vasilievna, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, professor (Bratsk, Russia); Fofin Alexander Ivanovich, Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor, (Irkutsk, Russia); Schieser Hans, honorary professor, DePaul University (Chicago, the USA) and others.

We will be grateful our readers for the feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the editorial office e‑mail address: CredeExperto_2014@mail.ru.

We hope that publications of the initial issue will be interesting for you and perhaps help you in your work.

Welcome to ce.if-mstuca.ru!

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