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Spiridon Alekseevich Ivanov – 90 years old

UDC 811.512.157

BBK 81.2


Novgorodov I. N.

The article presents the research of the outstanding philologist of the Yakut linguistics Spiridon Alekseevich Ivanov, who celebrated his 90th birthday. Scientists recorded dialectal features of the Yakut language in the atlas and  studied their origin at the level of phonetics, morphology and vocabulary. The linguist proved the existence of the Yakut language type on the basis of dialectal data in the Middle Ages to south of the present-day borders of Yakutia. Issues of the nature of the Altaic language community and the early differentiation of the various Turkic language types, including Yakut, are considered.

Key words: Linguist, Yakut, linguistics, dialectology, atlas, phonetics, morphology, vocabulary, Middle Ages, Altaistics, Proto Turkic, types.

Pedagogical direction – Docendo docēmur

UDC 378.6 BBK 74.58

Barbasheva L. Yu.

The article offers hindsight at the organizational, educational and research activities of the faculty of aviation radio-electronic equipment (AREA) in Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school, which persists in the affairs of its teachers and alumni.

Keywords: scientific creativity, continuity, student, civic consciousness, methods and forms of education

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Improving the scientific communication skills together: the review of new trends

Ivanova L. A.

Merkurjewa V. B.

Добрый день, уважаемые читатели! По старой и доброй традиции мы с вами встречаемся в марте, на сей раз уже 2017 года. Мы очень рады, что вы остались нашими активными авторами и читателями.

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A word to the readers

Ivanova Ludmila Anatolievna,

Chief of center of further vocational education of Irkutsk Branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation of Educators Training, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor.

Dear readers!

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A word from the editor in chief

Иванова Людмила Анатольевна

Ivanova Ludmila Anatolievna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor, member of association of movie education and media pedagogics of Russia, research assistant of East-Siberian center of pedagogical and educational development, the chief editor of the international information and analytical journal „Crede Experto”


Dear readers and authors of publications!

I’m happy to greet and congratulate you with a new issue of the international informational and analytical journal «Crede Experto»: transport, society, education, language (IIAJ «Crede Experto») ce.if-mstuca.ru.

IIAJ «Crede Experto» is addressed to the Russian and foreign scientists, instructors, associate professors, professors, postgraduates, all those who are interested in the newest results of research works in different spheres of science.

The journal appeared in 2014 as a multidisciplinary edition. We hope that it will be really a virtual laboratory for teachers, instructors, universities teachers, representatives of educational authority and scientists. It will be also a place where we could exchange our opinions on the most important issues of science and education, discuss controversial questions related to the theory and practice.

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