Farm-oriented education as a sustainable country development in the Irkutsk region

Dear friends!

I’m happy to greet you on the pages of the international informational and analytical journal «Crede Experto: transport, society, education, language» devoted to the development of a system of the continuous farm-oriented education for the country sustainable development in our region.

Today the villages of Angara region are at the start of important reforms in many spheres of life. It is a reason of why villages need in young qualified specialists so much. The implementation of the profile farm-oriented education and pre-profile training in a country school is a part of a new educational environment which helps to make a conscious choice of the professional training profile.

I am convinced that the village school as an important component of the Russian education system has a great influence to the formation of the whole rural society. Coutry people are to form the bases in the future. They could influence the industrial, informational culture as well as country life. Organizing special agrarian-oriented classes on the base of rural educational institutions is an innovative form of work with students, combining the efforts of teachers and producers, secondary and higher education institutions, research institutions, centers of Labor and Employment.

I hope that a new rubric «Farm-oriented education as sustainable country development in the Irkutsk region» will be a constructive discussion platform, will contribute an effective experience exchange between villages and complex development of a system of farm-oriented education in the Irkutsk region.

Sergey Vladimirovich Eroshenko