The leipzig-jakarta list in a genetic classification on an example of the even language eastern dialect

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_2_36

Innokentiy N. Novgorodov

Abstract.Currently, the basic vocabulary is being discussed in order to establish a classification of the compared idioms, taking into account both the tree model (divergence) and the facts of borrowing languages (convergence) using not only comparative historical linguistics, but also population genetics. The purpose of the article is to establish the classification status of the eastern dialect of the Even language based on the study of the Leipzig-Jakarta list. Some linguists believe that the Even language originated from the Tungus intermediate proto-language, while others adhere to the position that Even arose on the basis of the Evenki language. On the basis of a comparative study of the list, it was established that the eastern dialect of the Even language 1) was formed from the Tungus-Manchu proto-language before the 3rd century AD. in places adjacent to the maritime region; 2) developed a) in the Tungus intermediate proto-language in places adjacent to the sea region from the west and north after the 5th century A.D., b) in the Evenki language in the Cirkumbaikal region in the 12th – 16th centuries A.D., c) in Yakutia after the 14th century, after the separation of the Even language from the Evenki language, moreover, active word formation processes are currently observed.

Key words: comparative studies, the Leipzig-Jakarta list, the Tungus-Manchu languages, an eastern dialect of the Even language.

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