International transport corridor: ”Primorye-2” as a case of “the pacific development (razvorot) of Russia”: from projects to realities

UDC 314.7 ББК 65.37

Vaschuk A. S.

The article deals with a historical scenario of the relations between State and business to the Far Eastern territories on the base of the concept of International Transport Corridor (ITC) in dynamics. It analyzes the character of participating the administration of Primorsky krai in realizing Project Primorye-2 that could play a role of locomotive in the development of Khasansky region of Primorsky krai. It includes a part of national transport system connected with Chinese province Jilin through Hanchun and Kraskino with ports of Zarubino, Posiet and Slavianka. It presents an appreciation of a single case “Pacific development (razvorot)” “Primorye-1” and “Primorye-2” on the base of the method of comparison of designs and the character of its realization, and also the factor of participation of Russia in Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI). It determines the problems of state-private partnership in Far Eastern current history.

Key words: Russia, People’s Republic of China, Far East, Khasan region, “Pacific Development of Russia”, international transport corridors, project “Primorye-2”.

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