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Development of self-employment in the regions: challenges for the education system

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_2_214

Nina P. Polichka

Ekaterina A. Fedorova

Abstract. The article proposes the technology for creating a permanent system of expanded reproduction of self-employed citizens in the regions, which is necessary for the implementation of the federal project “Creating favorable conditions for self-employed citizens” as a part of national project “Small and Medium-sized Businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives”.

Keywords: self-employed citizen, federal project, education system

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State (municipal) social order – a new challenge for the expert community and authorities

UDK 351/354 BBK 67.401

Polichka N. P.

The new stage of denationalization and restructuring of the social sphere in Russia involves the introduction of the mechanism of state (municipal) social order. It will require the expert community to develop technologies to solve innovative and rather difficult tasks of state and municipal management. The new stage will also demand the development and application of these technologies in the practical activity of the authorities of the social sphere.

Keywords: social sphere, state (municipal) services, state (municipal) social order.

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Modern communication channels in society life

UDC 659.4 BBK 76.0

Nakonechnyh V. N.

The communication environment in the world and, in particular, in Russia, is exposed to radical restructurings: new communication channels which, in turn, change model of communication and the transmitted data characteristic arise and attract a large number of the participants, caused by the technological progress.

Keywords: communication, communication channels, information, digital content, communication environment, message.

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International transport corridor: ”Primorye-2” as a case of “the pacific development (razvorot) of Russia”: from projects to realities

UDC 314.7 ББК 65.37

Vaschuk A. S.

The article deals with a historical scenario of the relations between State and business to the Far Eastern territories on the base of the concept of International Transport Corridor (ITC) in dynamics. It analyzes the character of participating the administration of Primorsky krai in realizing Project Primorye-2 that could play a role of locomotive in the development of Khasansky region of Primorsky krai. It includes a part of national transport system connected with Chinese province Jilin through Hanchun and Kraskino with ports of Zarubino, Posiet and Slavianka. It presents an appreciation of a single case “Pacific development (razvorot)” “Primorye-1” and “Primorye-2” on the base of the method of comparison of designs and the character of its realization, and also the factor of participation of Russia in Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI). It determines the problems of state-private partnership in Far Eastern current history.

Key words: Russia, People’s Republic of China, Far East, Khasan region, “Pacific Development of Russia”, international transport corridors, project “Primorye-2”.

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On the question of legal regulation in the sphere of information technologies

UDC 342.9 BBK 67

Giniyatullina E. Z., Stremilova A. V.

The authors touch upon the problems dealing with the information technologies (IT) and the lack of proper legal regulation in this area. Nowadays, in the IT age, the matter of information security of our state becomes very actual. On the one hand, taking into consideration the modern level of information society and widespread IT implementation, people obtain the access to information much easier. On the other hand, the problem of preventing the negative action on the youth and children of the content which modern Internet resources are saturated with requires elaborating the IT legal regulation.

Key words: information technologies, legal regulation, law, state, information security, content, Internet.

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The role of the educational system in the socio-economic development of Khabarovsk krai

UDC 37.014.5:37.018.2:332.145(571.62)(045) BBK 74.200 : 65.497-4 : 65.012.2

Polichka N. P.

The reforms being held in our country demand that citizens should get new knowledge and skills: to manage their own property (a house or apartment in a block of flats); to invest their pension savings to provide a decent old age; to get state-owned and municipal services in the electronic form; to know the grounds of information security, financial literacy and self-employment; to build up your health, etc. This requires a new system of continuous education of the population and its adaptation to the new conditions of life.

Key words: socio-economic development, educational reform, Federal academic standards of general education, the regional component, the component of the educational institution.

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The new concept of the public policy to support families with preschool children

UDC 37.01-053.4 BBK 74.100

Polichka N. P.

Under existing conditions of another coming “demographic pit” the author suggests identifying new priorities for the public policy to support families with preschool children, which will be based on care and supervision services, rather than preschool education service.

Keywords: public policy to support families with preschool children, care and supervision service, preschool education service, day care, societal market, the market for pre-school education services.

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New vocational-oriented education as a means of the youth’s migratory mood in the Far East

UDC [37.048.45+331.548:374.32]:[331.556.2:159.942.5(571.6)] BBK 74.200.52+65.248

Polichka N. P.

The article offers a new system of students’ vocational-oriented education which aims to reduce the youth outflow from the Far East regions. For this purpose three clusters are included into the system: professional diagnostics, employment and self-employment preparation. While training the students on their own analyze the situation at the labour market in both Far Eastern regions and other ones. The result of studying of self-employment bases are business projects and students’ social projects considering the Far Eastern regional specific character.

Key words: youth outflow, vocational-oriented education, professional diagnostics, career choice, employment, labour market, self-employment preparation, business projects, and social projects.

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Teacher-student relations

UDC 37.08 BBK 80

Schieser H.

In the ancient times there was a tendency in teaching which meant freedom from compulsion. It was clear then and now that the relations of the teacher and the pupil are at the personal level. And the educational process always contains emotional measurement. Scientists note that mother is the best teacher for the child and the child is taught at first in the family circle. And today small schools ruled by teachers and not by ideology and politicians are the best choice for pupils.

Key words: school, teacher, education, compulsion, attitude, underarchiever, parents

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Law education as a source of democratization in society

UDC 37.06 BBK 74.4

Malykh T. A.

This article is devoted to the actual problem of law education at school. The author focuses on the institution of the Children’s Rights in educational organizations. The author also proves the idea that the formation of citizen’s legal qualities starts in educational settings. The need for legal training for all educators and pupils is clarified.

Key words: legal training; education; Children’s Rights Commissioner; formation of civil society; humanistic education

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