The projection of national history in Vladimir Sorokin’s prose

Bezrukov A. N.

The article attempts to specify the importance of the problem of national history on the example of Vladimir Sorokin’s prose. The poetics of postmodernism in a large mass of its sources – Venediсt Erofeev, Sasha Sokolov, Victor Pelevin, Tatyana Tolstaya, Victor Erofeev, Dmitry Glukhovsky – alters the classical understanding of the development of modern Russia, while externally open nominations of space and time become only an occasion for serious reflection in modernist colors. The purpose of the work is to decipher the national history in the worldview guides of Vladimir Sorokin. Its move for the writer, both in small format and in novel constructs, is fated, impending doom. The factors of the past, the reality of the present, the day of tomorrow are brought together in a single point, a counterpoint, from which there is practically no way out. Vladimir Sorokin emphasizes that Russia has its own special history, its own process of formation, its own life. Consequently, the projection of national history in Vladimir Sorokin’s prose is recorded as a kind of transition of the socio-philosophical order. This gives the reason to talk about the “present” in the mode of variable perspective, which in one way or another will be further transformed and embodied in other frontiers.

Key words: postmodernism, Modern Russian literature, national history, small prose, narrator, Vladimir Sorokin, «The Blizzard», receptive criticism, author, aesthetic reading.

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