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Development of methodology for managing the information field inside the cockpit onboard a civil airplane

Ivanov A. S.

Neretin E. S.

The authors proposed a methodology for managing the information field inside the cockpit onboard a civil airplane which allows the crew’s workload to be reduced due to applying a unified approach to controlling all indication elements. 

Key words: civil airplane, cockpit, ergonomics, onboard equipment.

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Euro as a semiotic object

Krasovskaya E. A.

The article is devoted to the Euro as a semiotic object. Its federal purpose is a symbolic representation of the European Union. It confirms that this monetary unit acts as a cultural sign that visualizes the unity of Europe and continuity in the semioticization of culture from Antiquity to the present.

Key words: euro, semiotic object, cultural sign.

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Formation of the french diplomacy as soft power

Semenova I. N.

The article describes France diplomacy in the framework of «soft power» policy and highlights the stages of its formation. The key measures taken by France in the context of the «soft power» policy are given. Such measures include promotion of the French language, support of educational and scientifically technical processes, promoting development of social diplomacy, maintenance and improvement of international relations. The article raises the question of the functioning of the cultural-humanitarian country cooperation system and methods of using its tools.

Key words: French diplomacy, «soft power», cultural policy, francophonie.

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Nothing like objective reality

Egorov A. V.

The paper considers the concept of “nothing” as a material objective basis that does not represent an independent form of being. It is revealed in the dialectical process of cognition. Nothing is the common and ubiquitous basis of the material world, which does not exist in an independent autonomous form, therefore we cannot feel it. We feel the formed material form of being. Nothing and something are considered to be philosophical categories characterizing the process of formation and development of the material form of being.

Key words: matter, being, dialectics, philosophy of nothing and something, evolution, objective law.

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The Belgian edition «Alternatives théâtrales» in the media communicative space

Minkova V. E.

This work analyzes the content of the Belgian magazine Alternatives théâtrales. The goals of the magazine, its objectives and representation in the media communicative space have been analyzed. The 87th issue on the topic «Stanislavski/Tchekhov», dedicated to the work of Russian directors, has also been analyzed. It is noted that Alternatives théâtrales magazine is a relevant and unique magazine that covers various aspects of the modern world theater.

Key words: media, the media discours, magazine, theatre.

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The projection of national history in Vladimir Sorokin’s prose

Bezrukov A. N.

The article attempts to specify the importance of the problem of national history on the example of Vladimir Sorokin’s prose. The poetics of postmodernism in a large mass of its sources – Venediсt Erofeev, Sasha Sokolov, Victor Pelevin, Tatyana Tolstaya, Victor Erofeev, Dmitry Glukhovsky – alters the classical understanding of the development of modern Russia, while externally open nominations of space and time become only an occasion for serious reflection in modernist colors. The purpose of the work is to decipher the national history in the worldview guides of Vladimir Sorokin. Its move for the writer, both in small format and in novel constructs, is fated, impending doom. The factors of the past, the reality of the present, the day of tomorrow are brought together in a single point, a counterpoint, from which there is practically no way out. Vladimir Sorokin emphasizes that Russia has its own special history, its own process of formation, its own life. Consequently, the projection of national history in Vladimir Sorokin’s prose is recorded as a kind of transition of the socio-philosophical order. This gives the reason to talk about the “present” in the mode of variable perspective, which in one way or another will be further transformed and embodied in other frontiers.

Key words: postmodernism, Modern Russian literature, national history, small prose, narrator, Vladimir Sorokin, «The Blizzard», receptive criticism, author, aesthetic reading.

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Methods of calculation of weight coefficients at implementation of level estimation algorithms of flight school cadets training

Nazarov P. S.

Ustinov V. V.

The methods and algorithms of calculation of weight coefficients used for estimation of training level of flight school cadets with account of the number of exercises and quality of their performance are offered. Weight coefficients of significance of flight parameters included in the algorithm of estimation of piloting technique and significance of flight elements included in the given exercise are considered.

Keywords: flight safety, flight crew training, weight coefficients of alternative significance.

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The Earth’s vortex field and its application areas

Danilenko N. V.

The article deals with the issues of circulation of the Earth’s environments in the area of its rotation relative to pole axis NS. The research of circulation of the Earth’s environments is based on the Biot-Savart law in its simplest form on the basis of an infinitely long vortex which has found wide application in airfoil aerodynamics, gas dynamics and in hydrodynamics. When applying the Biot-Savart law to the Earth’s material environments in its daily rotation we found a dependence of circulation of speed Г of the elementary particle under study with its relative height (depth) ±Н relative to the Earth’s averaged surface and geographical latitude.  The essence of this dependence is presented in a mathematical expression of physical parameters of our planet. The obtained intensity of circulation of speed Г of the Earth’s environments is converted in non-dimensional criterial parameters.  On their basis the vortex characteristics for the Earth’s environments are proposed. Their classification is given.  The authors developed a package of consequences of the vortex characteristics and proposed a working process of little known vortex phenomena of geophysics in terms of vortex dynamics of freely balanced environments of a planet of “Earth” type. The consequences of the vortex characteristics of the Earth’s environments and peculiarities of the working process of geophysical phenomena on the Sun are proposed.

Keywords: daily rotation, circulation of the Earth’s environments, vortex characteristics, consequences of the vortex characteristics of the Earth’s environments.

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Development of an algorithm for constructing the process of training of inspectors on surveillance of safety of air transport by means of simulation of specific tasks and practical tasks

Bolshedvorskaya L.G.

The aim of the work is to develop an algorithm for the training process for safety oversight  inspectors through modeling specific tasks and practical tasks. The complexity of solving the problem aimed at achieving this goal is that in the course of developing a learning algorithm, information, in terms of goals, areas and criteria for assessing competencies and information reflecting the types of operational activities, should be described using appropriate mathematical models with a high degree of reliability. The general approach to the development of an algorithm is the presence of the following procedures:

  • setting training standards, including the frequency for each type of training;
  • conducting initial theoretical training for specific tasks;
  • consolidation of theoretical knowledge by performing practical tasks;
  • assessing the effectiveness of the training system.

Key word: expert systems, safety inspectors, task modeling.

*Publication was prepared within the framework of project No. 19-08-00028, supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (RFFI).

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“Soft power” as a foreign policy tool of France and Japan

Baum E. P.

The article describes the similarities and differences in the approach to the “soft power” strategy in France and Japan. It also proves the important role of the embassy website, where a significant discourse is carried out in order to create a positive image of the country. It is concluded that the site is used as a foreign policy instrument that influences the country’s image on the world political arena.

Key words: image-making, influence tools, culture, embassy website.

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