“Contemplation” and “experience”: analysis of the ideological content of O. I. Dymov’s story “Vestal” as a reflection of A. Schopenhauer’s views on representation and truth

UDK 82-121 BBK 83.3(2)

Verkhovykh I. A.

The paper is devoted to the analysis of the ideological contents of the story “Vestal” written by the Russian and Jewish writer Osip Isidorovich Dymov. The author of the paper uses the philosophical approach to the formulation of the story’s idea, described in the famous scientific work by Arthur Schopenhauer “The World as Will and Representation”, and conducts a step-by-step comparative analysis of the ways of implementing this idea in Dymov’s story. The paper traces the evolution of the main character’s ideas about the object of his love and makes a conclusion about the dependence of experience on contemplation within the framework of spatial and temporal changes.

Keywords: representation, contemplation, experience, truth, subject, object, space, time.

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