Variants of impersonal poetics as basis of the lyric narration by Irina Astakhova

UDK 821.161.1 BBK 83.3

Bezrukov A. N.

It is impossible to imagine modern Russian poetry without the creative activity of Irina (Ah) Astakhova. Lyric poetry by Astakhova is a form of differentiation of personal and impersonal as well as male and female. Travesty allows the poet to be original and unique to the reader. Thus, the aesthetic, cultural dialogue with the XIX – XX century does not interrupt but mainly intensifies, transforms into a variable poetic space. Poetic patterns of the lyrics by Irina Astakhova depend on the melody of the text, the depth of emotions and the condensation of the social and philosophical.

Key words: Irina Astakhova, modern poetry, lyrical narrative, impersonal poetics, dialogue, author, reader, receptive criticism.

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