Pedagogical modeling in improving the quality of pedagogical activity

Omelchuk I. N.

Kozyrev N. A.

Kozyreva O. A.

The article presents the definitions and models of the concept of “pedagogical modeling”, defines the pedagogical conditions for the qualitative solution of the problems of pedagogical activity using the method of pedagogical modeling. The specifics of building a scientific and pedagogical search and scientific research in pedagogical activity is determined by the possibility of a qualitative solution to the problems of personality development in the model of lifelong education, this practice can be enhanced in the constructs of the formation of a culture of independent work of an individual.

The possibilities of a teacher’s productive formation can be visualized in qualitatively solved problems of scientific research, the specifics and nuances of this practice are usually reflected in scientific publications of both future teachers and experienced teachers.

Keywords: technology of system-pedagogical modeling, culture of student’s independent work, culture of independent work of the teacher, culture of independent work of the individual, pedagogical modeling, pedagogical methodology.

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