The role of the educational system in the socio-economic development of Khabarovsk krai

UDC 37.014.5:37.018.2:332.145(571.62)(045) BBK 74.200 : 65.497-4 : 65.012.2

Polichka N. P.

The reforms being held in our country demand that citizens should get new knowledge and skills: to manage their own property (a house or apartment in a block of flats); to invest their pension savings to provide a decent old age; to get state-owned and municipal services in the electronic form; to know the grounds of information security, financial literacy and self-employment; to build up your health, etc. This requires a new system of continuous education of the population and its adaptation to the new conditions of life.

Key words: socio-economic development, educational reform, Federal academic standards of general education, the regional component, the component of the educational institution.

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