The role of ecology of sound in musical education

UDC 372.878 BBK 28.081

Trubina Z. I.

The article tries to reveal the relationship between psycho-emotional state of people and the environment, as the condition of the human inner world is one of the reasons for the ecological changes in the environment.

The environment is not only the preservation of nature. The environment created by the culture of our ancestors and ourselves is not less important. Under the influence of sounds people can educate and adjust themselves to the environmentally friendly behaviour.

The American scientist J. T. Titon and the Russian researcher Eugene Nazaikinskii wrote about musical culture as an ecological system and the relationships of man as the subject of nature with it.

In many Russian cities there is a number of ways to join musical culture, to participate in solving common problems with the help of music ecology. These are children’s musical schools, art colleges, ensembles at the Philharmonic palaces that foster environmental consciousness of townspeople and improve their psycho-emotional and physical health through classical music.

Keywords: ecology of sound, environmental awareness, classical music.

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