Analysis of russian military patriotic feature films of the soviet and post-soviet periods*

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_4_194

Irina V. Chelysheva

Abstract. The article deals with the problems of using educational, developmental and educational tasks of media education in a university environment. The author presents a theoretical review of research on the topic, analyzes methodological approaches in working with students, contributing to the development of civic engagement, the formation of civic consciousness, a sense of patriotism based on Russian military patriotic feature films of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

Analysis of cinematic material includes the study of key media educational concepts: “media agencies”, “media categories”, “media language”, “media technologies”, “media representations”, “media audiences”. Also, the examples of creative assignments are presented, the use of which is possible in lectures and practical classes in a student audience.

The article also presents a short filmography of cinematographic works of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

Key words: media, media education, art cinematography, patriotism, civic engagement, media text analysis, students.

*The reported study was funded by RFBR and EISR, project number21-011-31036 «Formation of university students’ civic engagement based on the material of national art cinema».

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