Formation of goal-setting action in buryat lessons

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_1_196

Sonombal Th. Sodnomov

Annotation. The paper deals with the problems of forming goal-setting action in Buryat lessons. In the author’s opinion, the problem is especially acute in Buryat lessons as a lot of students consider this subject unnecessary and the knowledge of the Buryat language not prestigious. An analysis of the practical activities of teachers shows that the goals of educational activities are mostly set and formulated by the teacher himself. Ignorance of the lesson goals as well as the goals of studying the educational material make students weary, unwilling to learn the language, and also reduces their working capacity.

The author suggests specific techniques that can be used in Buryat lessons at the stage of goal setting. The proposed techniques increase motivation, help students accept the goals of the lesson.

Key words: Buryat language, modern lesson, goal-setting, educational process, formation, standard, universal learning activities, ability, lesson goal, lesson objectives.

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