English for medical students: current stage and development prospects

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_170

Tatiana B. Vepreva

Olga V. Pechinkina

Abstract. The modern world needs competent and mobile medical professionals who can work in a multicultural society in any country of the world. The aim of this paper is to determine the structure and content of the «Foreign language» discipline to contribute to more conscious, active and motivated learning of the subject. The methodology is based on Federal state educational standards, programmes of «Foreign language» discipline for higher educational institutions, and existing literature on the problem. To determine the specific situations of further use of a foreign (English) language, a focus group survey was conducted. The result of the research is the substantiation of the «Foreign language» course structure with the suggested topics and grammatical material distributed in modules. The authors of the study propose a course model consisting of three consecutive modules based on the content and the students’ needs. The proposed model will allow forming the universal competencies necessary for a future doctor and integrating into the professional community without any problems.

Key words: English, medicine, higher school, modular training system, professional development of medical students.

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