Intercategorial interaction in researches of verbal communication

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_55

Olga A. Kostrova

Abstract. Interdisciplinary approach is a basic research method of contemporary human sciences. Abroad, they reveal intralingual categorial interaction as well as interlingual interference and personal identification. In the last studies of Russian linguists, there are methods, principles and technologies of categorial transfer revealed. In cognitive linguistics, the problem of new definition of language and their functions is discussed. In this paper, the author continues the study of categorial interaction that was started in her previous work. Now, the study is devoted to analysis of verbal communication in monographs by domestic and foreign linguists. The author proceeds from the methodological principle of system holism that defines language type and cultural system based on context relation. In her analyses, the author uses the method of interpretation to explain the terminology and language units. She has revealed some specific features of categorial interaction in everyday, political and textual communication. Also, she has confirmed the thesis by Edward Hall about the fundamental meaning of the cultural context that defines language functioning. She precises the value of language system in verbal communication.

The research opens the perspectives for further studies which can generalize the interdisciplinary methods of linguistic analyses. These methods are high demand in a lot of spheres: by supervision of research, by expert supervision of theses and scientific papers as well as by participating on scientific symposiums and preparing the papers for publication.

Key words: categorial interaction, language system, cultural concepts, verbal communication, everyday communication, political speech, text

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