Affixation as a type of term formation based on components Dialekt/Mundart

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_118

Inna V. Senina

Svetlana Y. Pozdnyakova

Abstract. The article deals with the main types of affixation as one of the leading mechanisms of term formation based on the components Dialekt / Mundart, which are the basic concepts of German dialectology. The main attention is paid to the identification of productive affixes, on the basis of which terms are able to form new terminological nests. The predominant use of affixes of Greek-Latin origin, as well as affixes of borrowed nouns and adjectives, allows to indicate the tendency for the further consolidation of the borrowed term Dialekt as the most commonly used.

Keywords: affixation, derivation, term, term formation, terminological nest, dialect, dialectology.

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