The review on the monograph by Karpukhina V.N. Under the “joking roger” of postmodernism: axiology of intertexts by Boris Akunin (Barnaul: asu publishing house, 2020. – 152 pp. ISBN 978-5-7904-2454-0

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_233

Anastasia V. Kolmogorova

Abstract. The review presents an analysis of the monograph by V.N. Karpukhina, dedicated to the complex game of intertexts in the works of B. Akunin. It is emphasized that the monograph under review makes a significant contribution to the study of linguistic means of implementing a linguoaxiological strategy in the artistic discourse of postmodernism.

Key words: review, B. Akunin’s texts, fiction discourse, intertext, lingvoaxiological strategy.

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