The theorem of gaseous and liquid media vortex formation

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2022_3_47

Nikolay V. Danilenko

Anton G. Kirenchev

Abstract. The object of research is vortex formation of gas (liquid) media. The state of the vortex formation issue is determined. The theoretical substantiation of the vortex formation problem is given. The kinematic essence of the gas-dynamic phenomenon of vortex formation is established. Its contradictions are revealed. The working process of vortex formation is established. Efficiency parameters and operating parameters are obtained. The place of vortex formation in the equation of conservation of the energy of gas motion is indicated. A set of factors for the generation of vortex activity of natural and man-made vortex formation has been established. A theorem on vortex formation is proposed. Its consequences and areas of practical application are outlined.

Keywords: vortex formation of gas (liquid) media, factors of generation and activation of vortex formation, workflow of gas (liquid) media, definition of vortex formation, vortex formation theorem, classification of vortex formation.

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