Circulation-vortex method of activating the wing thrust over the underlying surface

UDK 629.735.33.015 BBK 39.15

Kirenchev A. G.

Danilenko N. V.

The article deals with the issue of possible vortex activation of the working process of the wing thrust over the underlying surface. The useful effect of this working process can manifest itself in reducing the aircraft take-off and landing roll in the field of wing vortex interference with the airfield ground. The area of practical use could cover the lifting surfaces of hydrofoil crafts, ram-wing crafts and similar vehicles at low flight altitudes. The vortex activation of the wing thrust is based on the professor N.Ye.Zhukovskiy’s theorem about the wing lift and the mirror effect of the underlying surface proposed by Prandtl. The authors defined the physical and kinematic essence of interference of a linear vortex with a flat underlying surface.  The effect of that kind of vortex interference is represented due to comparison of auto-travel of vortex smoke rings having a different diameter and generated by an identical force pulse. The authors stated the fact of force interaction between a vortex ring and a hard flat wall which forms the basis of the method of vortex activation of the wing thrust capable of reducing the drag. As an object of theoretical research the linear infinitely long vortex of intensity Г = 2p  allowing the mathematical expression of Biot-Savart law to be reduced to the function of vortex velocity св = f (1/(2h)). The kinematic vortex characteristic is represented as a dependence of travel speed on the height of its position above the screen. The article identifies the main consequences of vortex and screen interference and areas of their application.

Key words: thrust, circulation of velocity Г, vortex interference, flat screen, vortex travel, vortex characteristic.

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