The influence of quasi-sinusoidal inhomogenuities on the characteristics of double- and three-hop ionospheric reflections

UDC: 621.371.33 BBK 39.57

A.I. Agaryshev

Nguyen Minh Giang

M.A. Portnov

The article presents the results of researching the influence of ionosperic inhomogenuities on the maximum observed frequency (MOF) and the angles of arriving the radiowaves reflected two and three times from the ionosphere (2F2 and 3F2 modes). The authors present the calculated МOF and angles of arrival of decameter radio waves using the method of equal MUF under conditions of quasi-sinusoidal inhomogenuities. The results of calculations are compared with the results of measurements.

Keywords: maximum usable frequency, maximum observed frequency, inhomogeneity of the electron concentration, characteristics of double- and three-hop ionospheric reflections,  the angles of arrival of 2F2, 3F2 modes.

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