Research of the characteristics of the satellite navigation system precision fields by HIL-simulating and mathematical modeling

UDC  621.391:621.396 BBK 39.57-5

Skrypnik O. N.

By HIL-simulating and mathematical modeling the author researched the characteristics of a navigation and timing field created by the GLONASS, GPS satellite navigation systems and the combined system. HIL-simulation experiments were carried out using the hardware and software of CH-3803M simulator and CH-4312 aircraft receiver. The problems of using integrated receivers are revealed. On the basis of a program developed in LabVieW environment the technique of constructing the fields of GLONASS precision in the horizontal and vertical planes using the values of the geometrical factors is proposed.

Keywords: satellite navigation system, GPS, GLONASS, geometrical dilution of precision, navigation and timing field, modelling, precision.

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