Transportation work effectiveness analysis of the 3te10m diesel locomotives on the Kattakurgan – Navoi road section of uzbek railway

UDC 629.42:629.4.054, 625.28 BBK 39.232

O. S. Ablyalimov

The results of the substantiation of the parameters of the transportation work of three-section trunk (train) freight locomotives 3ТЭ10М on the real hilly-mountain section of the railway during the movement of freight trains without or with stoppings at intermediate stations, rail junctions and separate points, as well as assessing the haulage properties of the station – to – station track profile are presented. As a criterion for the aforementioned assessment, the given values of total and specific diesel fuel consumption for train haulage in quantitative and monetary calculations are proposed, taking into account the values of the train travel time in haulage mode and specific diesel fuel consumption per trip accompanying the transportation process. The results of research using the methods of the theory of locomotive haulage, taking into account the maximum values of the main indicators of the fuel and energy efficiency of using the 3TE10M diesel locomotives in the form of tabular data and characteristic curves were obtained. The results of the research are recommended for practical use by train drivers-instructors in heating engineering and specialists of linear enterprises of the locomotive complex of the Uzbek railway network, whose professional and production activities concern energy issues of freight and passenger trains on real hilly-mountain and, identical to them, virtual railroad section.

Keywords: assessment, result, freight train, movement, diesel locomotive, railway track, area, method, operation, condition, direction, stage, speed, calculation, railway equipment, analyses, hilly – mountainous, point, divide, average, dependence, substantiation, quality, stage, profile, railway.

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