Study of the operation of the 3te10m diesel locomotives on the Kattakurgan – Navoi district of «Uzbekiston temir railways» jsc

UDK 629.42:629.4.054, 625.28 BBK 39.235

O. S. Ablyalimov

The article presents the investigation results of analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of  3TE10M three-sectional main freight electric locomotives (trains) used on the Kattakurgan – Navoi district of Uzbek railways with non-stop freight traffic at intermediate stations, passing tracks and interstations. The basic indicators of transportation work of 3TE10M electric locomotives are shown as tabular dates and curves which were received using the methods of the locomotive-traction theory. The regression equations to find the numerical values of the indicators within the accepted range of mass variation of freight trains are identified.

The research results are recommended to exploitation department experts of the Bukhara locomotive depot for developing the practical activities directed to the rise of energy and fuel efficiency of using the 3TE10M three-sectional main freight electric locomotives (trains) in real conditions of organizing the rail transportation of goods different in composition, type and content on the hilly – mountainous Kattakurgan – Navoi district of «Uzbekiston railways» JSC.

Keywords: evaluation, result, freight train, movement, diesel locomotive, district, method, exploitation, condition, speed, calculation, rolling – stock, analysis, hilly – mountainous, point, dependence, substantiation, stage, railway.

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